Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Funny Searches and Other boring stuff.

I am really copying just about anyone on the internet whose website has been found using a search engine. I do spy on you readers, just a bit. I know when you find me through a search, and where you live. I don't know exactly who all of you are, but I can guess based on your ISP, IP address, and your location. So, the secret is out, you all know. I am flattered that all 20 of you read my webpage. Seriously. There's probably 20 regular readers. So, for you regular readers, would you like to know some searches that have found my page? Only a few of them are funny, some of them are logical, but at least one of them blows my mind.

Search LEAST likely to find my blog, but does:
"fedex -xanax -cialis –pharmacy", in google, under blog searches. That is how someone found my page. I still haven't found it that way, but hey. I have never (before now) talked about my habit of buying prescription drugs on the internet, but hey secret's out now. No, I'm kidding. I have no idea why this search brought up my blog.

Scariest Search ever to find my page:
"he tied me, he raped me" or just simply "he tied me". (I assume it has something to do with this post.

Someone got the wrong idea!
"Dealing with Rotten Family." Never once have I called my family rotten, or talked about how I have to "deal" with how rotten they are. Perhaps it was my "rotten" tomato comment? I don't know, but I thought it was funny, being as this blog is mainly about my family and my life. But, seriously, my family is not rotten, and I don't have to "deal" with them, I live with them and I love them. Really. I do.

Someone got it right!
"Mothball in shoes" That's right. Someone else is married to a man who likes to keep mothballs in his shoes so as to poison his loving wife. yup. I'm not the only one. I can only hope that this person learned about how much better Cedar balls are.

Duh, We know why these brought us here:
"Pregnancy, Muslim" "Baby big chip tooth" "Man who sued God"

and finally.

The longest set of words EVER.
"baby not sleeping because he learned to pull himself up in crib"

It is fun to go back through and "search" using these terms and find my page. I wonder what future searches will find my page. I'm pretty sure some prescription drug abusers will probably stumble upon my blog now that I've used a couple of key terms, but oh well. I will save searches up again and see what crazy things people have found my site using in the future. In other news, I have updated the site a bit.

I've made it a bit more "festive" for the holiday (OH NO, don't let the American Family Association hear me say HOLIDAY instead of CHRISTMAS, they might boycott me). I'm still working on a new working title. "Just the baby and me..." won't work anymore because, well, the husband is coming home. So ideas could be helpful. I have changed the title for now, but I'm not sure I like it. Just be nice, especially if I don't know you, because, remember, I know what city you live in and have a close personal relationship with someone who can cause lots of damage with the accidental push of a button. But I'm not threatening you, or saying that anyone I know would be willing to risk their career for something stupid like that.

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Splendid Photography said...

Haha I have statcounter and check it everyday to see where my handful of readers are from. Granted most of them are from the board...but I do have a few that find me thru Google with the search. "I love Redheads". I have a post with that title but Im sure the ppl that are searching for Redheads are not looking for some cute little Redheads kids ;)