Sunday, November 25, 2007

Not the Momma for the last time:(

I know I know you all are thinking "what is Not the Momma blogging about now" well... not much. I am just trying to fill a spot during a day so DW can get her quota in for the month.

OK... So here DH is walking to work wearing a long sleeve shirt because the temperature dropped to a brisk 75 degrees today. Yes, DH knows a long sleeve shirt in 75 degree weather is insane DH promises DH will wear a jacket next time because DH almost froze to death while walking. DH's hands and feet were a little chilly.

Anyways DH was going to pick up some movies for himself and gifts for the family. While DH was walking to the store DH seen the most interesting sight DH has ever seen.

Before I get two far into the story I need to remind you that DH is in a Muslim country we will call the Island.

In front of the store there is a court yard and in this court yard is something that didn't belong. DH is in the desert and to date the only plant life he has seen is some shrubs the "Tree of Life", I know you can look up where DH is in google, and some palm trees that were Planted by DH's work. So any ways as DH is is walking and there taller than all the buildings is a 30 foot pine tree.

DH knows that Christmas is coming because while at work DH watched all the people try to kill each other to get the black Friday deals on FOX News. DH does a lot of TV watching and Internet surfing while at work, DW hates him for it but that is a blog for future DH.

DH walking by this tree starts to chuckle. You see all the Dirty Jobs done around where DH works are done by TCN, third country nationals, in other words Muslims. You see there must have been twenty TCN's working to put up this tree. Adding lights, ornaments and all that Christmasy stuff to the tree. The best part is, DH is thinking, that half of the people putting up the tree does not even know what Christmas is and the other half only know that Christmas is the time of year when DH's coworkers spend more money in 40 days then they earn in a year. And still they are the ones being forced to put up the Christmas tree for minimum wage.

Now do not get DH wrong he was not laughing at the people putting up the tree he was laughing at the world that would place these people in the position to have to put up the tree. Yes DH knows you have all seen the flicker pictures and are thinking DH am one to talk... but living here has really opened DH's eyes to the haves and the have nots. On the Island you either have it all or you have nothing. Back in home the lines are a little more blurred. DH will save the hole political speech for DH's own blog if he decides to write one.

So DW should be back to posting full time later today. I hope you all liked reading my posts. This is Not the Momma signing off until next time.

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