Sunday, November 11, 2007

Stress Much?

So yes, thank God we are home safe and sound. I wasn't so sure we were going to make it all in one piece for a while. The plane we fly on is basically a bus. It stops in a few places and people get on or off while they refuel and cater the plane. We got to the first stop and as I was chatting with some of the other families that had come out to visit I found out a few disturbing things. First, the plane had some issues on the way out the week before. They almost had to stay the night in one spot while the plane was repaired. As they were talking about that, the people who had gotten on in the first spot mentioned how "exciting" it was when the airplane CAUGHT ON FIRE on the way to pick us up. YES, CAUGHT ON FIRE! They weren't exactly sure what had caught on fire, or how badly, but something had ignited. Every time we stopped from then on out, they were "fixing" something or another. I didn't think too much of it until our second-to-last stop. While we were there, they announced that they were changing the location. Instead of stopping outside of Poland, we were going to Ireland. Why? Because the issues with the plane would not allow us to fly over open seas. I'm going to repeat that. We were not allowed to fly over open seas. Yeah, that's scarier than the phantom green light, even if it had been some freaky secret internet porn camera. They had to have a Plan B, because the chances were that we may have to make some sort of emergency landing, and the chances of having an emergency landing in open seas? Not good. I felt a lot better knowing that we were flying over land though. Really. I swear.

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