Sunday, April 29, 2007

Time for Cry It Out?

I am a terrible, weak, soft-hearted mom. When I see that face, how can I possibly let him cry himself to sleep? Well. He is now six months old, and I said a few months ago that if he wasn't going to sleep like a good little boy by now, he would have to start trying this. Tonight wasn't terrible. At least not yet. He cried for 15 minutes, I went in, talked to him, turned his aquarium back on, told him I loved him, gave him a kiss and left again. That was worse than leaving him alone. He started screaming even harder. He fell asleep after about another 10 minutes or so. I checked on him about 20 minutes later. I wanted to cover him with a blanket, because it tends to get cool in the basement. So, I checked on him. He was lying sideways in his crib (his long body was the short length) with his head buried in the mattress and jammed into the bumper pads... So.. I took a chance and picked him up and laid him in a more comfortable and less "dangerous" position... He didn't wake up, just whimpered a little and fell back to sleep. Finding him like that was terrifying for me. We as moms and dads are threatened with SIDS and the whole "back to sleep" campaign and "your baby will suffocate if" advice (which includes putting your baby to sleep on his tummy AND installing bumpers in the crib). So now I'm left to cry-it-out myself. He is done crying and he's safe and sound, so it's my turn. I get to cry because I nearly killed my baby (no I don't actually think that). And eventually I will get over it. Eventually I will put him in his crib, and he will say to himself. Oh, this means its bedtime and just go to sleep... right? right??

His six month birthday also means that I have met my breastfeeding goal. My goal was to get through six months. We have done that, and I'm sure we'll beat that goal. Especially considering I haven't REALLY started weaning him yet. I have introduced some veggies and some not so wholesome solids (twizzlers anyone?), but I don't really know when it would be appropriate. I am sure he still needs to suck on something. Babies love to suck. And even after all of the trouble we had when we first started, now he's addicted. So addicted he refuses to take a pacifier or a bottle. Ever. So, what do I do? I continue to nurse. Albeit, a little less on his demand than it used to be. Perhaps he'll self-wean by 9 months or so? I can always hope, right? At any rate the solids have become "mealtimes" for him and get gets rather cranky when he doesn't get his.

The most amazing thing that has happened in the past month is that he has truly become mobile. Yes, he has been able to do some "angry" backwards creeping for sometime, however now he's a pro at rotating, rolling and he has started to do a "butt scoot" thing. Before I know it I am going to really have to baby-proof this place. Computer wires up, plugs covered and stairs blocked. Hmm... Today he almost pulled himself to standing when we were getting him ready for his bath. I had him sitting on the bath rug while I got the water running. I looked down because I felt him grab me. He was kneeling holding on to my shorts with one hand and the tub with the other.. The next second he was in the "proposal" stance on one knee. So.. Pretty soon I am expected bonked noggin's and skinned knees.. how fast do they grow? *tear*
Our life has been incredibly busy lately, yet I am having a hard time remembering what exactly with. One day a week we go to swimming lessons for 1/2 hour. I have my Pilate's class two to three times per week for an hour, while he goes to "play" with the other kids at the gym daycare. My sister is getting married in a few weeks, so there have been bridal showers, dress fittings (mine is tomorrow... yuck), and preparations. We went camping this weekend at Indian Caves State Park. I hadn't ever been there, and probably won't go again so early in the year. Let's just say that three dogs during the height of tick season is probably a bad idea.. I'm still itchy and crawly from all the things that were all over the dogs, the people and yes, I even found one on the baby. However, we benefited from our 8 mile hike lugging baby, stroller, etc. on the trails.. (that's probably not going to happen again anytime soon either. ) The next few weeks prove to continue the busy trend. Wedding plans continue (dress fittings, tanning?, preparations). My dear dear husband will also be home for an entire 6 days during which we have to cram in as much quality time as possible between two full days of wedding stuff, and the obligatory family time. I can't wait for him to be home.. For one glorious week I will be almost "normal" again. I won't be stuck in that twilight zone of "Married with children, but husband is gone so I don't fit in with the married couple crowd, sort-of a single mom, but not single because I'm not out looking for a guy, etc." Only seven and a half more months and I can forget that that zone exists.... at least for a few beautiful heaven-sent years...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


The weather here SUCKS. It is cold and rainy and they are talking about SNOW... In MID-APRIL!!!! that is disgusting. Whose idea was it for the weather to go to crap? I have all these nice new spring clothes I want to wear. The little man is outgrowing his winter clothes and I'll be damned if I am going to buy him more long sleeved shirts and pants when summer should be peeking around the corner any day... What's a girl to do?? Sorry. I meant to say that earlier and forgot. My sister is getting married and I bought a couple of cute outfits planning on "spring" weather.. Now what do I wear to a bridal shower when the original outfit isn't meant for 40 degree weather and S N O W

Time it is a flyin'

This week has been busy. Not really doing anything, but busy anyway. We went shopping with my sister. I swear between the two of us we tried on every dress in the damn mall. NOTHING fit me the way I wanted it to... Everything fit her perfectly. We both left empty handed. It was depressing. Of course, she's 21 and didn't have a baby a mere 5 months ago. I keep forgetting that it has only been a few months and that I perhaps should give myself a bit more time before expecting my body to go back to normal. It is also terrible that all the cute dresses are back in. Dresses I will wear. Sundresses. I love them.. But, now my boobs are too big and my tummy not flat enough for most of them.. BOOOO!! HISSS!!!!! It is one time when I miss being pregnant.. because I didn't have to worry about a tummy.. when your pregnant your tummy is SUPPOSED to bulge...

The baby has been growing leaps and bounds. He sits by himself, eats by himself some of the time and tries most of the time. He is beginning to be mobile. Rolling around on the floor, trying to crawl. It is sad. The baby days are very short!

I have continued going to pilates class, and I like it a lot. The baby starts swimming lessons next Monday, so that will be fun. I will have to go to a different class. I am not sure about that, but it will only be for a few weeks. Then it will be back to my regular class. I wish this teacher taught more than the three per week. I would be more likely to go more than the twice per week that I am going now. Perhaps I should mention that to someone... And ask her if there are plans for her to teach more classes? She might start teaching a stretching class soon, immediately before pilates. Just in time. The baby will be old enough I will be more comfortable leaving him there for a bit longer. He does really well there anyway. The gal that is usually there when I drop him off went to the same high school as I did (I finally got up the nerve to ask her). At first I wasn't sure if that is a good thing.. Technically, I still don't know. It doesn't matter. The little guy adores her. He smiles when he sees her and is still happy when I am done with my class. That's all that matters, right?

For all of my Lincoln buddies... I am thinking we need to get together more often. How and when I don't know. Heck, if I have to have a BBQ once a month, maybe I will. ;) I hung out with some friends the other night and it was great fun. Gossipping about high school folks, etc. was the theme of the night. Nothing bad. Basically lame information as to who was where, etc. I wonder who will show up at the reunion? I don't know if I will be able to make it. We'll be in California by then.... Hmm.. Maybe Gretchen and I can carpool.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


... are back in my favor again. I skipped about 2 weeks of classes because the instructor, whose class I had come to enjoy and look forward to had quit.. I took one class from another instructor, and while she was nice, it wasn't my cup of tea. I went back yesterday and while it isn't the SAME class, it is close enough to make me happy. I actually think in some aspects it is better, because she does some constructive criticism type stuff. She comes around and helps me get into the correct position so as to appropriately kill me.. I'm lazy, so I tend to find easier ways to do things, even in pilates. She kept me on my toes...

The monster did really well at the day care center too. I recognized the gal there. I was telling my mom that I'm not sure if thats a good thing or not. What if it is some crazy person I went to high school with that hated me? I would hope that most of us have gorwn up, but perhaps not... I doubt many people hated me, but you never know! He had a busy day yesterday and did really well with it. We tried to go get indian food for lunch (dinner the other night gave me the taste and now I want it again), but the place on my side of town is closed Mondays.. So to chinese it was... Then we went to Hobby Lobby. He loved to look at all of the fun things (including Mommy in her boa) there were to see around the store. We were shopping for easter baskets and things for the "Dress-up Tea Party" Bridal shower we are having in a couple of weeks. We got things for hats, boas, etc. FUN FUN FUN!!! After that we headed to WalMart for a few necessities like soda (not POP... SODA). He fell asleep between Hobby Lobby and WalMart and stayed asleep all the way through Walmart until we were checking out...He was tired out after all of that shopping... Just wait until Friday!!! I have some things I want to return.. Although perhaps I'll wait until next week? I don't know if schools are out on Friday or not.. I hate to go to the mall when school is out. Too many kids faaar too young to be at the mall by themselves get in my way.

Well, it is time to feed the little monster, so I must be off!

Monday, April 02, 2007

April Fools

So.. I am a mean mean person. I took this photo:

One I took mm.. In Feb of last year, and turned it into this photo:

Then I posted the latter on my flickr account and made it out like I was Preggo again.. I admit I stole the idea from a friend (or two). My husband hasn't found it yet. I am DYING waiting for his reaction. I am sure he'll just laugh it off as the photoshop-work isn't my best, but I didn't want it to look TOO real. Don't need him having a heart attack while he's on the other side of the world. At any rate.. This is the first real April Fools Joke I've done in a while... I am about ready to give it away because I am so impatient!!! I will update you on the results!

Busy Busy Weeks

It has been a busy couple of weeks. We went to Steamboat Springs, CO for a ski trip vacation. It was great fun. I skiied one day. I went up the lift ONE too many times though... I was sooo tired that I wasn't skiing well.. We were the last ones coming down, and EVERY ski patrol person stopped to ask if we needed help.. I was probably the talk of the Ski Patrol office that day... I hope not.. It was actually rather embarassing... The baby did pretty well in the car.. He cried a good bit, but what can you expect.. The poor thing was teething.. Well, IS would be a more correct statement. He has two teeth now. The teething miracle: Okay, so perhaps it isn't the BEST Mommy moment, but he thoroughly enjoyed it! Twizzlers.. My theory was that Infant Tylenol is acetaminophen, flavor and sugar... And a Twizzler is essentially the same thing, minus the medication.. Plus, if he shoved it in too far and started to choke, I could just pull it out because it is soo long.. His Twizzler days are nearly over though. He bit them into teeny chunks the other day. He really doesn't eat that much of it anyway. He sucks on them.. Boy he's in a good mood after a bit of Baby Crack! Um, I mean Twizzlers!

Other than that, we have been getting ready for my sister's bridal shower and spring cleaning. I hope to make it to the gym today since I haven't been in a couple of weeks. I know I owe them money, so I HAVE to go today. Then we're out shopping and chinese (or indian?) food for the afternoon. We need to find some fun things for the shower. (I won't say much here because I don't know if she looks at this site.. but it is going to be AWESOME!!!)

This weekend I hung out with some friends, including one I haven't seen since high school and got caught up on some gossip.. OOh fun.. The rest of this weekend was devoted to cleaning and we got the baby some clothes. He is growing waay too fast. He is almost out of his 9 month clothes and he's only 5 months old. Growing does have some perks though, he has started sleeping in his crib.. At least until about 3 am when he wakes up in the middle of the night wanting food. We finally met with the photographer and got his scrapbook set up and figured out what we are going to do. Now I simply have to wait for her to get that done and I can get her paid. I am super excited about some of the pictures we got. I only have another month until we get to his 6 month pictures. I am thinking perhaps I'll have the same photographer do his pictures? But then I might just take him to one of those "mall" shops.. The only problem is that I know I can buy a CD from her.. not sure about those mall places. Well, I had better get running. It is time for me to put the baby down for his nap!