Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Phantom Green Light.

I've always been scared of the unknown. Aliens, ghosts, basically anything I don't have control over. Combine that with an often run-away imagination and you've got trouble. Especially when there's a phantom green light glowing in the middle of the bedroom ceiling. In my mind this light has been a camera for the landlord to spy on us (I can only hope we don't end up a part of some crazy middle-eastern Internet porn), an alien probe, a terrorist spy microphone. It has been all kinds of things. What is it? We have no clue. The light is unable to be seen when the lights are on. The ceiling just looks white. If ONLY I had seen it, only one night, it wouldn't be an issue, it would have just been my imagination. But my husband sees it too, and it has reappeared for the past two nights. Who knows how many nights we've just not seen it. I tried to think of things that it could be that were logical. Perhaps a nail hole of some sort, allowing light from the gym above our room to seep through the drywall and paint? Daddy says that can't be it, because the floors/ceilings here are made of cement. All logical thoughts about the phantom green light went out the window along with any possible sleep I may get in the next few nights.

Our nights haven't exactly been full of sleep anyway. We aren't sleep deprived because of, um, recreational activities either. Instead, it is nightmares about aliens. Nightmares about the baby breaking his precious little head on those white marble stairs. Then there was the first few nights, when I was so tired that I had brought the baby to bed with us for a few minutes to calm him down before putting him to bed in his crib. Several times each night my husband would wake up to me pummelling him in the chest repeatedly because I was looking for the baby (who had in my mind fallen off of the bed and broken his little head.) Never mind that all that pummelling would have broken the baby had he actually been in the bed. Finally, FINALLY we got our schedules all worked out, got the baby to sleep all night. Then, the green phantom light appears. I have to be dead tired to fall asleep, and if I wake up in the middle of the night and see it, it's all over. I'm awake.

Just in case you care, my sleep forecast doesn't look so hot for the next few days anyway. We will be anticipating the sadness of leaving Daddy, on a plane, or in a hotel room for the next few days, so it isn't looking great. Add to that, the fact that the baby's sleep schedule will be flipped for a few days, and we're looking at possibly insane mommy.

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glitterrs said...

thing over that spot!!! that would creep me out