Wednesday, November 28, 2007


There are only two days left of Nabloplomo. I am pretty proud of myself. Even on days when I have been unable to post to the internet, I have written something to post. There has been something each day, and I haven't resorted to photos or one-liners, most of the time.

I must apologize that as soon as Nabloplomo is over, the posting will probably slow down A LOOOOOT. You see, we have movers coming next week, Not the Momma returns home next weekend (not this one, the next one.) We have another week, then we're off to CA. I can only hope that I won't be trapped without internet for too long, but then, who knows?

Oh, and for those of you who are interested: The baby weighed in at a little over 24 pounds, a little over 31 inches, and is doing great. No anemia, etc. yada yada. The shots however? They sucked. DO NOT watch them jam the three inch needles into your baby's thigh. You will think they have scratched the bone. The finger prick and squeeze was the worst. He was traumatized by that. Every time he saw the band-aid on his finger the tears would resume. It has been pathetic.

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