Friday, January 06, 2006

Meet the Family

Not the Momma (NTM) is my loving husband. The man who rules our roost, so long as he's in it, rather than a tin can floating somewhere in the ocean.

Little Monster (LM) is our first child. He lives up to his nickname daily. Whether he's a monster like Grover or a Gremlin (the green slimy kind -- not the cute fuzzy kind) is up for debate on a day to day basis.

Butterball (BB)-- is our second child. She was names by her borther who had a hard time saying her name at first. Hopefully someday, after she's gone through high school and Junior high with a nickname that only a turkey can appreciate, she'll forgive me for using it as her bloggy name. Otherwise, it will be one of many things I'm sure she'll be able to speak with her therapist about.

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