Saturday, November 17, 2007

YOU pick the Topics!!

Someone suggested that I let you, my friends, pick the topics that I will write about. After writing three seperate entries for today, and trashing them all for various reasons (including but not limited to: 1) no one cares that the generator tipped over in my car and leaked gas all over the back, eating the rubber backing on the mat. 2) no one cares that I bought a generator. 3) I can't really write about the baby again, because while he is terribly cute, I can only write mushy things SO many times before people think I'm a total dork and 4) If my husband finds out the generator tipped over and spilled gas in the car, he might have a heart attack, and that might kill him, so then he wouldn't come home, and that would suck, and 5) I can't remember the funny conversation my parents had this morning. I can tell you it was similar to the "fart" conversation from the other night) , I have decided that letting YOU pick the topics is one HECK of a GOOD idea! Of course, I'm not going to be mean to anyone (except Ernie Chambers), I won't divulge anything too personal, and if it involves my family, I will have to get permission before I share anything with the world. Here goes.

The first hmmm.. I don't know.. TEN people to comment with their request will be the winners. Of course, if you request something unreasonable, I'll move on to the next person. I'll post the winners when there are ten requests, well, as soon as I have ten reasonable requests.


not the momma said...

You know you could buy
and then your DH would never know that you wrecked the floor mat with the new generator that says not to turn on its side. At the same time you could buy your DH a
for Christmas and let him install it so he has something to do between bouts. And remember this is not your husband just a concerned reader.

not the momma again said...

just go to and and enter the appropriate vehicle type!
And remember that I am a concerned reader and not your DH.

glitterrs said...

write a post about grant and his polygamous ways when you first moved to rhode island.

Momma Mary said...

Gretch - Great idea! Topic one done!

Not the Momma - I truly love and value my relationship with DH. He has been a bit concerned about my spending habits as of late, so although they are great ideas for gifts, they are over the $100 pre-approval limit. It's too bad you're just a concerned reader and not actually my DH, because If you were my DH I'd have to give it somet thought.