Friday, November 02, 2007

Writer's Block?

Already? I have writers block. The pressure is getting to me. When I don't NEED to say something, you can't get me to shut my mouth.. or pause my fingers. But tell me that I have to write something for my blog every day, and all of a sudden, I'm thinking "Who wants to read about that?" Add that to the fact that I can type about sixty times faster than the letters appear on the ancient computer, and we have trouble. My brain goes too fast for my fingers anyway. Trying to slow down my thoughts to match this computer is akin to trying to push a semi uphill. (I'm not trying to say that I'm smart, I'm trying to say that I'm scatterbrained and crazy.)

Today the baby was playing in the cupboards, against the rules, when he pulled out a pot. The lid fell off and landed on his foot. I knew he was hurt, but didn't realize how badly until a few hours later. His middle toe is black and blue. Daddy wondered why he was fighting having his shoes put on. The most amazing thing to happen today: The baby listened and followed directions. When did that start?? He was being naughty and getting into the utensil drawer. I told him no, told him to put the spoons back in and shut the drawer. Wanna know what he did? He put the spoons back in and then shut the drawer. It blew my mind. He also knocked over the stroller. He would have righted it, except for the backpack that was strapped to the handlebars. I know you're all tired of hearing how amazing he is. I'm sorry. Maybe someday I'll get a life outside of my kid. But even if I did get a job outside the home, I wouldn't talk about it on here. I learned my lesson. Have you ever been to Dooce's website?

That brings us to the computer update. No. It didn't magically start working again. I was really hoping it would. Tomorrow we're going to rent a car and head to the mall so that I can look for a new ac adapter. I'm having serious withdrawals from my daily dose of dooce. I'm also tired of waiting for the computer to catch up with me. So much for writer's block, huh?

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