Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Good Intentions...

I had good intentions of typing up a great post, full of witty remarks and clever content. However, my need for sleep is greater than my need to write this evening. You see, when you travel half-way around the world with a baby and disrupt his sleep schedule, you're eventually going to pay for it. I have been paying since we got home. Every morning, 3:30AM comes, and every morning at that time, the wailing human alarm clock that is my son goes off. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a snooze button. Well, I guess I could just give him a good ol' bop in the head, but I think CCF might have issues with that. He isn't really awake, he just thinks he should be. So he cries, and I wait, hoping he'll go back to sleep. We spend the rest of the morning, waking, crying, soothing, and trying to get him back to sleep. He does OK if I bring him to bed with me, but I don't get any sleep either way.

Speak of the little Devil, and his sleeping habits. He is sounding the alarm now. Only six hours early tonight. Nice.

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