Saturday, November 10, 2007


Hello all, this is the DH filling in for the WH while she and the baby travel back to the states. Just to let everyone know they are safe back in the US and tomorrow the wife will resume her posts.

Since I was accused of posting about comic books already there can not be Double Jeopardy. So who out there has been reading the "WORLD WAR HULK" series? It is assume. The wife lets me buy them so when I die she can pull a "40 year old virgin" and sell all my comics so she can live well.

This is DH signing off from the future. Hope to have the chance to post again.


Bakersfunnyfarm said...

Are you kidding me?? The World War Hulk series is FREAKIN' AWESOME!!! nah, just kiddin', have no idea what you're talking about LOL Thanks for letting us know Mary is safe though. And for future reference, when you refer to your wife it's DW not WH :-)

Momma Mary said...

Ha Ha Nana!! :) You would REALLY say WH is off limits if you knew it stood for "Woman Whore" (Yeah, we know the abbreviation is wrong.) It's kind of an inside joke between the two of us. :) Yes, we're home safe and sound. And thanks DH for posting for me. It just proves why I love you so much! MUAH!