Thursday, October 30, 2008

Friday Fun! ( a little early)

It's kinda easy this week. We started our "friday fun" on Thursday. It will continue until Saturday at 1:00. When I kick everyone out of the house.

Today was Little Monster's birthday. So we had cake,

almost out!

blowin it out

opened presents


best present ever

and Little Monster spent the evening playing with his new toys. Let's just say he had fun making them race around the room. It was a little out of control to see him lining them up as though they were getting ready to race side to side, and then they began to 'race' front to back in a line. He also got "mack" from the movie Cars. We spent a good part of the night loading and unloading Lightning McQueen into and out of the trailer for him. Yeah. Fun.

We also carved pumpkins. After it was over, Not the Momma confessed that he had not been looking forward to it. It was seeming to be more of a chore than a fun family activity. He also confessed that it had been a lot more fun than he thought it would be. And then, I had to tell him that he was a jerk. No. I'm kidding. I felt the same way. I hadn't really wanted to carve pumpkins. We had tossed out the ideas of just painting faces on this year, since Little Monster would be able to do it himself. We did end up carving pumpkins. A pirate for Not the Momma, a goofy face for me, and a cute chubby cheek face for Little Monster. Then, I had fun playing with the camera:

With Flash

punkins without flash
First attempt without flash

punkins without flash on a sturdy surface
No flash - sturdier surface.

Yeah. It turned out to be a good night. Little Monster went to bed way late. I managed to eat food and keep it in me. Not the Momma watched a spooky movie. It was a night memories are made of.

What do your pumpkins look like??

Is it possible?

Surely not. It can't be possible that exactly two years ago I was sitting in a hospital bed with an infant. It can't be possible that the 9 lb 10 oz baby boy has turned into a 31 pound child who walks around and has opinions.

Unfortunately, I think it is. After all, two years is a long time in a military family. In the two years since you was born, we've lived in two states and two countries (if you include Not the Momma's Bahrain home), we've lived in three homes, seen the Grand Canyon twice, and been from one coast of the country to the other.

The most amazing thing that has happened, is that we have been able to be a family. you know your Daddy and love him more than anyone else in the world. It was obvious this morning when you came into our bedroom and spent the entire morning climbing on Not the Momma and smashing your head into Daddy's in just the way you do. You love the mornings when you get up and find Daddy still lying in bed.

The first second I saw you, Little Monster, you stole my heart.

You still have it. Especially when you scrunch up your face and do the cheesy family grin, or when your're doing something hilariously naughty.

You're a good kid. I couldn't wish for a better child, with a bigger heart or sense of humor. Little Monster -- Happy Birthday. Your Daddy and I love you more every day, with every hurricane bath time, with every demand to watch meh-mo (Nemo), merman (The Little Mermaid), and Cahs. With every demand for my breakfast toast, or his Peanut Butter M&M's we are happy you are here to share our lives with us. Heck, I think even the dogs like you as long as you're not trying to run you over with your dump trucks.
Happy Birthday. Keep growing, but not too fast, and stay who you are. We love you.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Quote of the Night:

Announcer:Tonight! Biggest Loser Families, then Law and Order, SVU!

Guys from SVU: If ever there was a night of television that honored donuts, this would be it.

So. So. So. Wrong. On so many levels. Biggest Loser and SVU, honoring donuts. Just. So. Wrong.

PrompTuesday! It's back..

What I really mean is that I am back to doing participating in PrompTuesday. The morning all day all night every moment sickness is taking its toll. If I live until December 1st, I'm sure I'll live through the rest of it too. Go visit and read the other submissions. This one should be a fun one to read!

The theme for today is:

This week, tell us who you are, what’s inside, where you’re from. Share your memory fragments, those visions in your head, those figments that make you, you. What bits and pieces formed your whole? Are you whole? Tell us.

I am from summers spent eating Popsicles on the front steps in my swimsuit.

I am from winters spent eating Oreo's meant to be snowman eyes, and the dessert for my bagged school lunch.

I am from summer mornings with the smell of gasoline, the feel of vinyl seats, and the feeling of humid air as we drive across town to summer school.

I am from daily bicycle rides to school, and then from school, afternoon snacks of carrot cake and milk.

I am from summers spent at the lake swimming, water skiing, getting sunburned, smelling of Coppertone, fighting flies, and sitting around the campfire after dark, competing for the first satellite sight and the best roasted marshmallows.

I am from a group of friends, all packed into my 1986 Chevette, cruising the main drag on our way to The Coffee House for Mocha's and deep conversation, followed by late night Taco Bell cravings and possibly missing curfew.

I am from afternoons and weekends spent working at Dairy Queen and sampling everything on the menu, while having whipped cream fights, trading food with the guys at Taco Johns and Wendy's, and making 'maple leaf' faces.

I am from a place where the summers are hot, the winters are freezing, and the spring and fall are too short, where the mountains are a day away, but worth the drive.

I am from happiness mixed with a little pain, a little sadness, and just enough learning.

I am from four states and counting.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dwelling on the Good.

Philippians 4:8
Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things. (New American Standard Bible)


A long time ago, before my mom and I became a Lamaze class drop-outs (that's a story for another day), we had to share what aspect we wanted our child to get from our partners. I gave an aspect of both Little Monster's Daddy (his blue eyes) and my mom (her tidiness). I am a slob. Not the Momma doesn't quite qualify as slob, but he does qualify as a guy most of the time. He's spent too much of his adult life crammed into a tiny tin box or living in his bachelor pads to need "neat and tidy."

Since we moved into this house, I have decided that keeping the place up was part of my job. I have been doing a good job, but this pregnancy has put a damper on my efforts. Lately, cleaning hasn't been part of my daily routine. I have been letting a lot of things go. Yesterday Not the Momma helped (read: did most of the work) to get the house cleaned. He even picked up after the dogs in the backyard and bathed them. I really really appreciated all of the hard work that went into yesterday. Today was very relaxing, and I owe it to Not the Momma. Thanks baby!

Little Monster often runs around with a straw-type sippy cup of some liquid --water, milk, diluted juice, etc. Recently, the cups have started to spill. I'm not sure if it's his habit of chewing on the straws, or what. This afternoon, I was reading my novel, Not the Momma was upstairs --doing who knows what-- when I heard furniture in the kitchen being moved around. Then it got quiet. I waited a second and snuck up on Little Monster to see what he was doing, expecting nothing good.

I was quite surprised, when I found him wiping the floor with a napkin. He noticed me and said

"Mao. maamin." (which means, Milk, Napkin)

My child moved a chair so that he could get to the napkins easily, took one out, and proceeded to CLEAN UP A SPILL HE HAD MADE.

Next up: Potty training, cooking, and then -- I'm done!

I'm not sure if it was the cleaning we did yesterday, or his nature. But I got my Lamaze school wishes. Little Monster has his Daddy's beautiful blue eyes, and my mom's tidiness. Some of the time.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


****Update 10/27. The letter was published. Just delayed. For what reason, I don't know, but it was posted today.******

There are a lot of complainers in this world. They are really starting to get to me. Do you want to know why? The people who are complaining the loudest, are the people who have NOTHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT.

Some people in my neighborhood have gotten upset, because they have been told to remove political signs from their front yards. It is in violation of the lease they signed when they moved into our neighborhood, AND it is in violation of the rules the service member is to follow. (Basically military personnel are not allowed to post political signs at their place of residence if they live in base housing -even privatized housing. Any political sign larger than a standard bumper sticker is not allowed in their personal vehicle either.)

Someone said that it wasn't THEIR choice to come to here. It wasn't her CHOICE to live in housing. I disagree. And I told the entire neighborhood exactly how I feel. I am tired of listening to the spoiled people in our neighborhood complain about every little thing that has gone wrong.

If you are married to the military, you are IN the military, whether you like it or not. You don't have a choice. This is what I put up on the boards. I don't care who reads it. I will stand by my opinion. You always have a choice. ALWAYS. This was my response to the "I didn't choose to come here" whine:

Get used to it. Your husband is in the military. You don't have a choice in most things anymore. You think you have a choice over where you are stationed, but really, it is in the hands of the detailers and where the service member is needed. There are lots of people who live for cheaper than we do out in Seaside and Marina. They get better internet, but, like Chris I'd bet they have a sex offender living within three blocks.
NO matter what, you really ALWAYS have a choice. You could have chosen NOT to move to Monterey when your husband was stationed here. You could have chosen to NOT marry someone who was in the military. You ALWAYS have a choice.

There are a lot of things that are unfair about this neighborhood. I can't put a screen door on my house, we're not allowed to put ceiling fans in upstairs, no political signs, etc. But I CHOOSE to put up with those inconveniences to know that my neighborhood is safe for my child. I CHOSE to live in housing because the community was better than anywhere else we could afford.

Perhaps we should all take a look at what we HAVE instead of what we don't have and can't have. We have beautiful homes with loving families inside. Our bellies are full and we get to sleep at night without worries. There is job security in the military that can't be found in the real world. Many of our husbands will retire and collect a pension that can't be guaranteed in the civilian world.

It was in the lease that you signed when you moved in that you cannot put up political signs. If you don't like it-- you have the choice to give your notice and move to a different neighborhood.

It seems to me that there is a lot of complaining about silly things going on in our neighborhood. I can't say I never complain, but then I take a look around. We have more than 80% of the people in the military, 90% of the people in this country, and 99% of the people in this world. Take a moment and thank God for all that you have been blessed with. This home, this duty station, this life, they're only temporary. YOU have the CHOICE to be happy with it, or you can be miserable.

I don't know about you, but I'm going to choose to be happy with the knowledge that my husband is most likely NOT going to have to deploy while we are here. I am going to be happy because he is home nearly every night in time for dinner, with no worries about being called back. He doesn't have to stand overnight duty, we can make birthday party plans without worries of something breaking, or some disaster happening. I can rest in the knowledge that my husband will be home for the birth of my child, to witness its first smiles, first laughs and first steps. I choose happiness.

Which choice are you going to make?

So. Tell me. Is there something that you're choosing to be miserable about? Maybe it's time to give up that negativity, and CHOOSE to be happy about something else.

P.S. Not the Momma. I'm sorry. I promise I will try not to post things like that in public again. I know how you feel about it.

P.P.S. After all the complaining in our neighborhood about our lack of "free speech" the moderator denied that post. Or at least, hasn't posted it yet. I have not gotten an email from them explaining that it will not be posted, etc. So much for free speech, eh?

Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Fun

My new addiction:

JigSawDoKu!! It's like Sudoku Jig-Saw Puzzle style!

Try it and let me know what you think!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I'm not talking about Halloween. I'm talking about ouchie boo-boos.

Little Monster had his two year visit today. After the discussion about our guns (we don't have any) and the location of our knives (yes, they are placed out of his reach -- every day except Thursday. That is when he has his playgroup. We get out the knives so the kids can all play together. Ha.) and whether he knows what HOT is, he got his shots.

Since Not the Momma has been away since Little Monster has been born, he hasn't been around to witness the joy and celebration that goes along with stabbing a small child with long needles full of fluid that burns upon injection. Not the case this time. He got to come along. And while Little Monster didn't cry as much as he has in the past, he did turn beet red. The difference was that this time he screamed MOM MOM MOMMMMMMAAAAAA the entire time.

And when it was done, through tears, he started saying "boo-boo, booooo boooooo mom boo boooo."
In order to keep myself from bursting into tears, I asked "Aw, poor little guy, do they hurt?"
LM's response was, again, through and with tears, "YEEE-EEEEEESS!!!" Somehow my two year old managed to twist the word YES into a two syllable word, and in those two syllables he used more condescension and tone in a more appropriate way than some adults can.

He finally quit sobbing as we left the doctors office. But that wasn't the end of the drama. Oh, NO! Not the Momma tried to get him to walk to the van on the way out. When he was on his feet, he'd take two steps, then he'd knock his knees and thighs together while his feet were normal width apart. He looked like a knock-kneed goofball. And then he'd whine until he was picked up. This went on for the duration of the morning until I took him to the park. It isn't convenient for him to have to be carried through the park, so he pretended to be better. Or maybe there was some miraculous healing?

The next drama session was saved for right before nap time. I took off his pants and he saw the band aids. And again. It started. the bawling, and saying "boo-boo!!!" through tears.

Luckily, again, there was a miraculous healing and everything is fine in the household. And even better -- we don't have to see the doctor to get shots or anything else for another year.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wordless Wednesday?

There will be no wordless posts here today! But I do have pictures to share. Lately, Little Monster has decided to boycott clothing that covers the bottom half of his body. We say "Let's put on pants!" and the child lays down, brings his heels up by his ears, and wraps his arms around his knees. No big deal, right? The child is only nearly two. Surely you can wrangle pants onto him without too much trouble? No. This child has the strength of the Hulk. When he is determined to not wear pants, only Daddy can wrestle them on him in a timely manner.
And that is why he is accompanying us to the doctor's office tomorrow to get the shots for his 2 year appointment. Because there is no way this morning sick mom can hold Little Monster down well enough for the poor nurse to jab those needles all the way into his thigh.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I haven't been participating as much as I want to in PrompTuesday. You could call me a PrompTuesday drop out. I'd like to think I'm just on a break. But I have good excuses. This week's is to tell a story about a fear you've overcome.

Because Little Monster is currently running around the house at top speed to burn off energy, I am currently trying to DE-activate my Pregnancy Power in the form or Toilet Bowl power wash, and Not the Momma is on his way home, mine is short. And yes, I so totally know it's Wednesday. Wait. No it isn't. Do you see what happens to your brain when you get pregnant??

I am trying to get blogging again, but, unfortunately, I can't muster up the energy to stare at the TV, let alone make my fingers type something coherent. You should still go check out Deb's site and see what everyone else is saying.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fun with fotos

The sixth photo in the sixth folder of My Pictures. Also -- the picture I used on Little Monster's first Birthday invites. I should really get to work on that second birthday party stuff soon, huh? So, what is in your sixth folder in My Pictures??
Oh, and happy birthday Lil' sis #1. I'm sending you something soon!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Conversations in bed.

It's not what you think --really!

We were watching the Colbert Report last night, and this is what happened:

Colbert: Don't worry, the downturn in the economy will only effect you if you own a home or are paid in currency:
NTM: It's a good thing we get Direct Deposit.


Seriously people, that's what he said. Do you get it? Yeah, I'm guessing that about 30% of the people in the country wouldn't. He was kidding. That's the kind of stuff that gets him in trouble. He says stuff like that, then people think he's an ID10T because he can pull that off with a straight face. That's why I love him.

Oops! PREGNANCY POWER ACTIVATE! in the form of Toilet Bowl Power Wash!

Okay, Sorry for that. I know this morning sickness is a good thing. I thank the Lord every morning as I'm in the middle of it that I have a sign that things are progressing well. But it still disturbs me when Little Monster finds me and hugs me, pats my back, says things that would be calming if only I could understand LM language, then crawls into my lap and gives me a big snuggle.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Let the crazy stuff begin!

The other night, as we were crawling into bed, I noticed that I could smell the dogs' breath. It was stinky. They were at least 6 feet away from me.

NTM: Pregnancy Power ACTIVATE! In the form of.... SUPER SMELL!!!

I wonder what my next pregnancy super power will be?

This morning I tried to activate pregnancy power in the form of toilet bowl power wash, but that didn't work. Hmm, perhaps it will pregnancy power in the form of "annihilating all things salty from the cupboard."

Did (or do you) have a Pregnancy Power? What is it in the "form of?"

P.S. Don't you miss those old superhero cartoons from the 70's and 80's.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Thank you!

Thank you to the wonderful, most kind, lovely lady with whom I spoke this afternoon. She must have more pull than I, a measly, lowly taxpayer and wife to a service member. She lit some fires.

This morning, when my husband left for work, they claimed I couldn't be pregnant, and therefore, did not get to see an OB for any reason other than infertility. This afternoon (before my husband returned home), they decided that maybe I was pregnant after all.

It's a good thing we don't have a milk man. Not the Momma might suspect foul play.

Just when I had decided I was NOT going to cancel my OB appointment for tomorrow -- I was going to keep it, and fight the insurance company because THEY were the ones who didn't get the work done on time and in the proper fashion -- even if it meant having to pay the bill, I got the call from the wonderful, most kind, lovely lady who works as a benefits counselor at the nearby Army base. I truly, truly appreciate your help.

This is what your socialized healthcare will look like.

You will get a referral for infertility. To the worst doctor in the area. Luckily, you'll end up pregnant before you have the appointment for the infertility.

You find a better OB, schedule an appointment for WELL after the required processing time.

The day before your appointment, you'll wonder why you haven't gotten the paperwork in the mail, so you'll call your insurance company. Turns out your insurance company turned DOWN the pregnancy referral, because they had approved one for infertility. I guess I'm not pregnant after all. Even though several pee tests and a blood draw from my primary doctor beg to differ.

Yes, folks, socialized health care will look a LOT like what I have for insurance-- the system the military people use. You will be using an HMO. You will NOT be able to see just any doctor unless you see your primary care doctor first. And if for some reason you have a change in your situation and have to go BACK to your primary doctor to get a different referral to a different doctor you're at the mercy of some schmuck pushing papers. In their rush to get the paperwork done in time, they'll scan it quickly and NOT SEE that the INFERTILITY referral will NOT work for a PREGNANCY appointment.

Instead, the insurance company wants me to go to the ER. For something that could cost the government SO MUCH LESS if they'd just get off their butts and READ the paperwork properly. That's where all your hard earned tax dollars are going. To junk like that.

Yes, I'm upset. I'm upset because I don't want to go to the hospital to get an ultrasound when I already have an appointment for tomorrow. I don't want to wait another several weeks to be seen, when I already had an appointment. Seems to me, that if I were you guys, I'd want tax breaks to pay for my health care, rather than having the government mandate who you can see and when. That hasn't worked for me.

(I'm not going into the troubles I had when I got pregnant with Little Monster and was being seen at the military hospital. I'm not going to tell you about the time they told me I had breast cancer, when really I have "lumpy breasts." I'm not going to tell you about all of the mistakes that have been made and the way I've been treated by the same health care people you will be dealing with if socialized health care is set up. I'm not. I just want you to think about how much money it will cost. And how many people will go to the ER for a sniffy nose or a toothache. And how much that will cost you.)

I'm praying someone at that office building will have a heart, and get this paperwork put through today. So that I don't have to go see my doctor, have stuff ordered, and have to go to the HOSPITAL --where it costs forty times as much -- to get it taken care of.

Note to family and friends who are reading: Nothing is wrong. I am fine. Teeny Bean is fine so far. Do. Not. Worry. I just need to get some stuff done that my doctors office can't do. And my insurance company -- they're idiots.

Note to insurance company: Please don't 'accidentally' delete my SSN from your files, thereby deleting my insurance and making my life even more difficult because I complained. Just give a gal a hand for once, and help me out. Don't make me wait over a month to get this stuff taken care of! :)

Sunday, October 05, 2008

The parents know...

And it has gotten out a couple of places... I'm letting it slip here to you -- my internet friends and confidants... BUT I'm not necessarily going to be shouting the news out there to the world quite yet. It's early you see, and I'm a bit nervous about it this time. Last time I was nervous, but I don't remember being this bad. I've wrestled with whether or not to tell you guys, but then decided that if something does go wrong, I'm going to need some sort of outlet. So... Aw, I can't tell you. Little Monster can instead:

Shirt reads: I'm gonna be a big brother.

I'm not very far along. I guess I can put one of those crazy tickers up somewhere. We found out the day we left San Diego for home. I'm still in a little bit of shock and denial. I'm still terrified it won't turn out okay. But I'm praying. Constantly praying that it will. Not the Momma -- He'll kill me if I write what I want to. Let's just say I'm pretty sure he's happy about it.

My birthday was great. (It was yesterday.) We went to my two favorite restaurants, drove along the beach, and I got to take a much needed nap. Not the Momma has ordered a new mattress for us -- to improve our slumber -- and I cannot wait. He's also refinishing a bed frame we bought second had some time ago. It's been in our guest room until recently. AND he got me the Planet Earth Series on Blu-Ray. I. LOVE. that documentary! Mostly because I watched "the making of." Knowing all of the work that went into the show really increases the appreciation you have for the footage that they got.

I think it's time for me to go. That morning sickness. It showing up at night this time around. I'm sure I'll be around more often. I'll have lots of whining about all of the nasty things that happen to a person when they are growing another one.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday Fun

We went apple picking yesterday. I know. Yesterday wasn't Friday, but the fun was so great that it has spilled over into today. Today we're going to make homemade applesauce and apple pie. Yum Yum, right?

After we'd paid for our apples, and while we were waiting for everyone else to finish up as well, Little Monster decided to try some fresh pressed apple juice.

What makes this stuff so good?

I'm hoping I'll be back to my regularly scheduled blogging sometime next week. Until then -- or until something else noteworthy happens, I'll be laying around my house thinking about cleaning it while Little Monster runs over me with his cars.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Attention Bloggers!!

How many of you have every been solicited by email about writing a review on your blog? How do you recognize a scam? I'm especially suspicious because I HAVEN'T WRITTEN ANYTHING in, well, forever. And there's a good reason for that. Not one I'm willing to get into right now.

But, hey, I'm willing to look at someone's website and write a review. Don't care. If they pay me, even better... But I'm not going to promote a commercial site like that for free...

So, yeah... Any advice is helpful!