Thursday, November 29, 2007

I thought I finally figured it out... (updated...again.)

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I have been trying to figure out the whole BlogHer thing for months. MONTHS! Well, last night, after navigating through the difficult terrain of their website and finally figuring out how to post there, I figured it out. I, then, very stupidly, back-posted for the month of November, not realizing it was actually published so prominently on the front page, not realizing it would be seen as Spam to some members. So, to those members who flagged my content as Spam, I apologize. I certainly did not intend to do so. I didn't realize that my posts even appeared anywhere on the site, until after I had posted all of my entries. My feelings are a bit hurt, but that's only because I'm human, and has nothing to do with the very kind and polite email I recieved from a staff member letting me know they were removing my content.

Now, for those of you who are reading this, and don't use BlogHer, don't sour your opinion based on my first "real" experince. While, I am a person who tends to believe first impressions, I'm going to let this one slide. After all, this wasn't my first impression, it was really my 30th. It was just the first time I'd posted anything. The staff member was very polite in her email and I can definitely understand that I could have irritated some people by making it difficult to get to anyone else's posting efforts. I hate it when people post so much that you find it hard to see any content besides theirs, and, although unknowingly, that is what I did. I spammed their site. ::tear:: But really, it didn't seem like one of those "automated" messages, cold and heartless, the moderater was actually HUMAN, and sounded like it! :) <--Positive thing about BlogHer. BIG BIG positive thing about BlogHer!

However, if you are not an internet genius, and You're seeing this and thinking, Hey, BlogHer, an internet site for women who want to blog! Get a blogger account. Give up doing much with BlogHer. (Unless you're like me and REFUSE, even if it is only stubbornness. Initially, I found it to be a very difficult site to use and navigate. Perhaps I'm just not in the "in" crowd there, and I'm out of some sort of telepathic "loop." I have read the FAQ's, I have done my best, but I am having a hard time figuring out the semantics of it all. Thousands of other women, have figured it out, though, so why can't I? I am NOT an internet genius, but I am most definitely not one of those people who confuse my monitor's power button with my computer's power button either. I work on the computer - I'm a graphic designer (of sorts)! I've worked primarily on a computer for the better part of the last seven years, three of those actually helping idiots learn how to work theirs. I would say I'm above average in terms of my knowledge of how to use a computer. I'm only an average writer, though. I wonder how many above-average writers they are losing because you have to be an internet genius to navigate their site?

I digress. My point was an apology (to those who aren't reading this site)for being a spammer. I hate spam, even the canned kind. I am very embarrassed that I have been labeled a spammer. Hopefully I'll wake up from my BlogHer fog, and realize that I'm a complete idiot (it has happened before on other sites), and realize that I just wasn't looking at the page right, and BlogHer can be navigated by monkeys without thumbs.

Once I really started digging into the site, I found a lot of helpful, informative, inspiring and creative content. I know this post seems to be a bit negative, but I don't want it to be. The more I dig around on BlogHer, the more I like it. The more I feel another internet addiction coming on.

Bring on that internet addiction Baby! Even if my initial (well, 30th) reaction to BlogHer was a negative one, it was my fault. That seemingly "non-automated" email message was an email from a real person, who came here (Hi Denise!) and read my message. She offered even more help. So, if you are thinking about joining BlogHer, and have read my blog and are worried about it don't be. If you have trouble, just use that "Contact" link at the top and email and ask for help. Or use the "community" link and post in the forum. I would be willing to bet that you'll have an email from a friendly LIVE human being to help you out!

Now, if you think this is a blog bashing BlogHer, you should realize that I wouldn't have linked to their site a bazillion times if I hated them. I am not bashing them, nor do I hate them, I am going to try to figure the whole thing out. I am going to do it. Because I am stubborn that way.

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Denise said...

LOL I am a real live person, not a bot, I swear. Come to BlogHer Con and meet me, ok? I also hate template email replies, so you didn't get one of those either. :-)

I'm not sure what, exactly, is confusing you about using but I'd be happy to help you try and figure it out.

If you go to BlogHer and log in, then click "community" in the top horizontal navigation, you'll find the Forums. There's a folder called "Using this site" post your questions there and we can help you quickly.

Or - drop me an email, you have my address from that non-bot email that I sent you. :-)