Monday, November 19, 2007

iGo a No-Go, but Radio Shack.. yeah.

After the great computer disaster of 2007 (the power cord going kaput in Bahrain), I got home and bought an iGo power cord. It was about 30 bucks more than buying the actual cord from Dell, but the iGo was better. The Dell cord was 80 bucks, and it was only the converter, the power cord that goes from the wall to the converter was not included. The Dell took several days to ship. The Dell only worked in a regular plug. The iGo, I can buy that at Radio Shack. I could have it NOW, it had both cord pieces, AND it came with a handy-dandy plug for the car as well. This morning I got up picked up my computer and noticed that the plug for the computer was busted. How in the world that happened I have no clue. I figured it was no big deal, they sell those tips, I should be able to go to Radio Shack, pick up a new tip for about ten bucks. Smart person that I am, I called them first. I explained my situation, how I was going to cry, because I do all of my work from the laptop, yadda yadda. He looked up where I could buy tip 103 for the iGo. Apparently tip 103 for the iGo, is a NO-Go. You can ONLY buy that tip with the cord. The one I bought. The most expensive cord set they sell. Great. Nice. Wonderful. After my sob story to the clerk, he said that I should bring in the "faulty" set, and he would exchange it for me. That is something they aren't supposed to do. But really, I'd only had the thing a week. Guess I need to be more careful with my cords. I love the new iGo. It will be great on car trips, but those tips. They need to be sold seperately.


Anonymous said...

I'm in the same boat myself. You would think that a 130$ charger would have support in the way of replacment tips. They have tips for every god damned device out there for 10$ but I'm stuck buying another 130$ charger to get another tip for my laptop. UBER-FREAKING-GAY!!!

Don't waste your money on this ill supported, piece of crap, 130$ paperwieght

Anonymous said...

Same here. No 103 tip in stock and no estimate on when they will have any. I tried to leave a bad review on the radioshack website but I guess they refuse to post it. I followed all the rules. Guess that's what I get for dealing with radioshack.

JohnR said...

Radio Shack just merchandises for iGo. Go to iGo's web site and type in "tip 103". It's $10 and you can have it in a few days. They might even send it free if you call them up and tell them yours broke in a week.

BTW, the "...GAY" comment is really offensive. Unhelpfulness at Radio Shack is due to restrictive corporate policies of merchandising, not sexual orientation. I know it's just an expression but it's a cruel habit. (BTW, I'm not gay, I just happen to have feelings for people.)

Momma Mary said...

None of us were able to get the tip when we needed it. As in, months ago. When my tip broke, they did not have it. When I called, there was no way to get it.

And I agree with you. I don't like the use of the word "gay" as a synonym for 'stupid' but I don't delete comments unless they are truly hateful towards someone.

BUT I do prefer that people not try to start arguments in my comments. :) Thanks for your input.