Saturday, March 17, 2007

Do I Offend you?

[image removed] So I found out that I could be arrested for breastfeeding in public. I do it all the time now. I am one of those people that if you tell me I can't do something and I think that whatever I am being told not to do is stupid, I will probably do it... I agree it should be done discreetly, but I am not going to starve my baby to make YOU happy... Iam just WAITING for the day someone comes up to me in a restaurant and says something about how they are trying to eat and my breastfeeding is annoying them.. I'll just go off.. But anyways.. That isn't why I started this entry. I remembered something that was very funny, yet very wrong at the same time. He likes the Victorias Secret Catalog. Yes. My mom was thumbing through it one day and he kept trying to grab for the boobies.. Nice. I have turned my son into a boobie maniac.

Friday, March 16, 2007

He Did it!!!

That's right... The little guy is officially rolling. The other day I put him on his back on the floor in the living room. He had been rolling over onto his side for some time so I knew it was coming. I was talking to my husband on the phone and was so involved in the conversation that I nearly missed the happy moment. Of course, I did realize it. He has generally gotten more mobile anyway. That evening he rolled over three more times. I didn't witness those events. My mom did. She was terrified because the little man had a spoon in his mouth and she was worried he was going to hurt himself rolling over. He did it again today. It isn't a fluke. Yesterday I left him with his head facing the television and when I returned he had rotated 180 degrees so that his feet were facing the television. Do you know what that means? It means it is time to get out plug covers, cabinet locks and baby gates. Big fun time. He has also started eating solid foods. We started with cereals.. He likes those, but so far he loves green beans and sweet potatoes more. Those are the only two we have tried so far. There seems to be some difference between when some pediatricians let babies start with solids. I was told okay for cereals but wait on veggies until six months.. Well, I am not waiting... The kid weighs 19 pounds 6 ounces at 4 months. When I try to feed him with a spoon he grabs the spoon and shoves it in his own mouth. He is sitting up quite regularly on his own for short bits (2-5 minutes) and will soon be really sitting up all on his own. He isn't using the toddler tub anymore. Instead we have gone for the sponge in the bottom of the tub. He is getting teeth. Confirmed by the doctor. His bottom front teeth are coming in.. (boo.. he's a bit crabbier because of it.) He also loves me and he shows it. He reaches for me when he wants me. He will do his own little verson of a baby hug and a baby kiss when he feels like it, and he generally hates sleeping by himself. Sorry Daddy.. Baby is still sleeping with Mommy. I'm not too thrilled about it.. Mostly because baby sleeps hot and tends to sweat.. But it does mean that I don't get cold at night.. and when he wants to eat, I don't have to get out of bed to feed him. That's a plus. But Daddy doesn't want to be the bad guy that kicks him out of bed with Mommy when he comes home. I totally get that. So.. I have a few more weeks to work on that.. (Really until December, but Daddy hopefully will get to visit in May?) He loves loves loves the outdoor swing which he got to start playing with recently. It has finally started getting warm enough that I can take him out to play. The dogs are loving it too because it means that I can kick and toss balls for them while I am pushing the baby in the swing...

Meanwhile.. in my puny adult existance. I have begun taking a pilates class.. Which i LOVED.. but now the instructor has resigned so I am stuck in a contract at a gym with no beloved pilates class. I just didn't enjoy the new instructor at all. She didn't teach the class remotely the same. It wasn't pilates, it was ridiculous. At least that was the way I felt about it. So, I hope I like the other teacher a bit better. We'll see on Monday. I'm doing lots of my graphic art work from home now... Well, lots compared to a couple of weeks ago. So between taking care of the baby, going to the gym, working and taking care of day to day life chores life has been pretty hectic. Speaking of my "graphic arts" I have been playing with some of the baby's pictures. I put the best one I've done so far up here.. I really didn't do much. Just cropped and did color correction. I am pretty proud of it. If you click on teh flickr link you can see all of the millions of photos that I have taken of the baby...

And now my favorite alarm clock rings.. WAAAAAH FEED ME!!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Reminisce.. hmm.

I went through all of my old photos today that I had on the computer and uploaded them to Flickr.. It was fun remembering all of those crazy days!!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Moley Moooole mole mole mole

mole: A real low-life. Typically with a short neck, stout head and very small brain, this nocturnal creature seem to frequent dive bars, county fairs and jail cells. Example: That fellow must be the first generation in his family tree to walk upright. What a mole!
moll – Used to describe a person or persons who have perpetrated an act, spoken words, or generally just 'done something' to annoy the user of this word. 'Mole' can be attributed to both males and females - "God she annoys me. She's such a moll." Usually mistakenly written as 'mole'
So.. this entry is Gretchen's fault. I accused my husband of being a mole. This is a picture of his dining room in Bahrain. He has the damned curtains closed. Behind those curtains it is ALL WINDOW. He lives on the THIRD FLOOR. So, there is really NO reason to have them shut other than that he likes to block out the sun. Or rather, he likes to think that all people do is walk around and say.. Hmmm I think I am going to look in the window and see what I can see. I have learned in the past few years that people DO look in other's windows, but still who cares. He should let the sun shine in. He has less than 10 months to get over this before he is thrust back into real life with his wife and son. At any rate. Gretchen said "you don't even want to know what "mole" means in australia... " I do. I have attempted to look it up online. If it isn't one of the definitions given above it must be REALLY REALLY bad.. and for that I apologize to my husband for accusing him of being a "mole," "moll," whatever it may be where anyone in the world can read. As for the definitions above... If I believed he fit the first one, then really I woudn't be married to him, now would I.. as for the second.. He does annoy me... quite often.. daily usually... Even from 7,377 miles away. :) I LOVE YOU HONEY!!!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Snowed In...

Yet again. I swear that this winter we've had more snow than any other winter I can remember. They have closed the interstates around here. The University of Nebraska is closed. I don't think many people are going anywhere. I am a bit bummed. I would love to go to the gym. Oh well. No dinner tonight with the in-laws either. The only other winter I've seen this much snow, I lived in Rhode Island. We had to shovel a path for the dog to do his business, which made a HUGE pile in the middle of our yard. We dug tunnels for Chewie to crawl through and play in. He loved it. He is a snow loving dog... This is the first year in Nebraska that I remember having to shovel paths in the yard for the dogs to do their business.. let alone having to do it four or five times!