Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Window -1 Overactive Imagination -0

Just in case you were all worried we were being taped with some crazy hidden night-vision camera, we figured out the source of the phantom green last night. When it appeared for the third (noticed) night in a row we did some investivative work, including covering up and shutting off every light source in the room. I went upstairs to the gym to make sure that there wasn't some crazy pin hole in the concrete letting light in. When I walked upstairs to solve that problem, and the lights were off, I nearly wet my pants in fear. I was certain it was some creepy camera, or worse, something from the paranormal just waiting for me to fall asleep and then it was going to get me. (Yes, I'm 5.) Finally, I moved the curtain to the room. That made the "phantom green light get bigger." It was then that we noticed a light from outside was sneaking behind the curtain and bouncing around the mirrors in the room until it finally landed on the ceiling. Yes, proof I am a whack job and unfit to be a mother because when my kid complains about monsters under the bed, I'll probably have a heart attack or end up in bed with the child crying with fear as well.

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