Saturday, September 30, 2006

Torture? No such luck!

This is what happens when I TRY to torture my dog by putting her in the baby's high chair... I think she wanted dinner!

Ready to Go!!

Soooo sorry it has taken me the entire summer to update this page.. I have been really busy this summer... Here is a recap.:

June, I moved to Nebraska to live with my folks because my husband, his parents and my parents teamed up and told me I had to because he was going to be gone for well over a year, minus a few weeks to visit over the holidays and I am pregnant. (Due Oct 24 ). We spent every weekend at the lake, playing and camping and having a good time. I got settled in, we moved everything into my storage space, and I got my room finished and started working on the Nursery.

July, Gretchen came to visit from Australia which was an absolute blast. The baby got to hear his first fireworks (which I am not sure if he liked or not). He bounced around in there almost like he was having a siezure. If he is deaf or very skittish I will be blaming it on sitting at Oak Lake watching them. I got hit on by some high guy downtown using the line.. ."that's a nice top, and your shirt is nice too." To which I responded.. "Yah? The top is new.. It goes with the bottom." When I moved my purse and it became obvious that I was pregnant.. It still took me a while to convince him that I was happily married and planned on staying that way. July was also the Cornhusker State Games. Waterskiing was involved for the first time this year. I announced the event. It was fun, even if it did feel like the gates of hell had opened up on Nebraska. It was well over 100. At one point I took a break, even though there were still people skiing, to swim because I was dying.. and someone had the audacity to complain about it.. It's okay.. They complained to my mom who told them to shove it.. Only in a nice way. :)

August was more waterskiing, camping at the lake and fun stuff. Jim skiied at Regionals this year, and got 2nd place Overall and 4th Place in Jump. That is awesome! Regionals was quite the ordeal, they had relegated all of the people with RVs to the far end of the lake, where there was no access to the activities without walking a mile around the lake, and they were pretty downright rude to most of us.. But that was okay, because we all made friends because of it. Mom's birthday was a pretty scary day for all of us... Jim came home from Menards one day, and said he'd had to stop by the side of the road to "catch his breath." He did walk, but it is less than a mile to Menards, and he shouldn't need to stop for that short walk. Anyways, we told some people at the next waterski tournament because we had been harrassing him to go to the doctor for weeks.. They told him they weren't going to ski with him until he went.. So he scheduled an appointment and they sent him to the hospital with an aspirin. They wanted to send him by ambulance. At the hospital, they determined they needed to do an angiogram to see what was going on in his heart... They scheduled it for two days later... Mom's Bday was the day before the angiogram.. We went out to dinner and it was great, except my Mom didn't get her dinner and then I made the waitress feel bad because I told her it was Mom's Bday... The next day was the angiogram. The doctor wasn't sure if they'd be able to fix his 90% blockage with angioplasty or if they would have to do open heart surgery, but there had been no heart damage, so he hadn't had too many mini-heart attacks.. They were able to fix it with 3 stents, but things were pretty scary around here for a while.. When I was at the hospital, nearly every nurse I saw thought I was there to deliver, and the only OB doctor I saw thought the same thing.. so I must have been getting 'large.'

September has been a good month.. I am still pregnant, as I should be but many of my friends who are due near my date have had their babies already. The nursery is finally complete, and really the only thing I need to add to it is a baby!! I will be 37 weeks in a couple of days, so he is allowed to come at any time.. I have decided that he needs to wait until after my birthday, but that's it.. I got some professional pictures taken while I was pregnant.. I really like the photographer.. She has a package where she'll come to the hospital and take pictures and then a week later she'll come to you or you go to her, and take some nice pictures as well.. I begged to switch the hospital session for one with my husband when he comes home. It will be our chance to get a couple of nice family portraits taken.. and some good cute artsy fartsy ones done of the three of us too if we want to..
These are untouched up, but I like quite a few of them... At any rate, I am ready for this little bundle to make his escape plans... I would really like him to come sometime mid-October.. Even though I panic everytime I think about being a parent.. An actual parent... That is crazy.. Some of the things that you go through are insane when you are pregnant.. I am finally used to the fact that I am pregnant, and I finally got over my body changing (my girls have swollen to about 3 times their normal size, and my tummy, well, if you saw the pictures, you saw the gi-normosity of it) and don't care much about the weight that I am, considering it is one I thought I would NEVER see on a scale that I was standing on by myself... And now that is all going to go away and I'll have a whole new set of things to get used to...

I hope to be on here more posting things a bit more often.. :)