Thursday, November 08, 2007

If all went well...

I am sitting on an airplane with the baby. Hopefully he's not screaming his little head off. Let us now begin to flop our schedules back to our regular time.

What is the husband doing? Probably sobbing in a corner with relief. He can finally go back to eating nothing in an attempt to lose weight to be in compliance with the Navy's height/weight standards. Or maybe he's upstairs working out, because he hasn't done that since we've been here either. Perhaps he's sleeping. Whatever he's doing we miss him already.

The baby has most certainly formed a bond with Daddy this time. That was the whole purpose for the trip. Baby knows that when he sees Daddy the thing to do is grab his nose and squeeze. That will for sure get a fun sound, whether it's a HONK or an AAOOOOOGAH. He'll get some sort of fun noise, and then probably a bunch of silly kisses all over, because the Baby loves those. Daddy likes those too because he gets the crazy cackly giggle.

(Oh and if you start seeing lots of posts about Marvel, DC Comics or Star Wars, my husband is probably pretending to be me and making crazy posts. He has the password to my account now so that he could post this for me.)

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