Sunday, September 30, 2007

Peaceful Praries and new homes...

This weekend we visited Rock Creek Station, south of Fairbury Nebraska. This is a great place to go and try to get a picture of what the pioneers saw. There are walking paths through the prairie and replicas of the area settlement, including a toll bridge. This is one of the places in our country where you can still see the trail ruts carved into the ground by wagon trains that followed the Oregon Trail.

As we were walking with the baby and the dogs through the prarie in the 50 mph winds, I realized how lucky I am to have air conditioning, comfortable shoes and a bed that isn't made of rope and straw. The wind was absolutely insane. I kept trying to picture what the world would have looked like 200 years ago when nothing had touched the land. I'm guessing that much of what I saw would have looked the same. It was a fun trip. We tested out our new house:

This past week has been hectic as I have been trying to deal with the purchase of our new "

house." At least until we get into a house when we move to California. We had a lot of fun testing the new place out. There's plenty of room for baby, and we can even stick to a schedule. Our only snag this weekend was when I was a bit sore from not being "milked" for nearly a week, and the baby was VERY frustrated because he'd fallen asleep and we had to wake him up. So, being the weak, soft-hearted mother that I am.. I gave in and let him have a bit. Just a teeny bit. It helped to relieve my pressure and he immediately relaxed. Did I compeltely traumatize him? I hope not!! Since then, the pressure has been bearable. Oh well.. This post is terrible, and I apologize. I'm very tired and just wanted to put something out there. :) (oh and WHAT IN THE WORLD was up with the wind today?)

I might have more to say after I watch the movie "The Man Who Sued God." :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Night.. Four?

The baby is doing much better with this whole weaning bit than I am. He has started to ask a bit for a little suck, but I'm holding strong... for now.. Until the two massive rock-hard water balloons feel like they're going to burst. Then I really want to oblige him. But that wouldn't be fair to him.. So, no. No more. We're done. Now, would someone please tell my mammary glands? They didn't get the memo.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Completely Weaned... Night two.

The baby is done with the boob. I can't go back. Night two of being completely weaned has gone well so far! I have to say that even though I didn't get to 365 days, I feel that I nursed as long as I could. The monster has 8 teeth, with 2 molars currently erupting. He eats like a pig. Nursing wasn't about food anymore. It was about comfort. I was his pacifier. Not anymore. After one terrible night of camping with little sleep and ending up with blisters instead of nibs, I was d.o.n.e. Done.

So, we'll see. Wish me luck. I pray i don't have to put up with the 20 minutes of cry it out every night until he's 20.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Public Service Announcement...

Please people, if you don't know.. SHUT THE FLSJKDFJALSVINWEFSEDJIOFS UP..

I am tired of the US being made to be a bunch of idiots.. OH WAIT.. WE ARE!!! Here's proof:

I KNEW I wouldn't be able to quit!!!

So.. Ernie Chambers is now famous. And it's not my fault. The jerk did it all on his own. And with Scott Adams' help. I have the dilbert blog in my list, but I haven't been there in a while. I've been too absorbed with mommy things to read about the real world of cubes that I used to be a part of (and miss sometimes).

Oh, fyi. My blog is #9 for a google search of "person suing god*." So does that make ME famous too? Mr. Adams is #3. Just in case you were wondering.

*As of right now when I am typing this post. It will most likely change.

**Update.. Mrs. Strand.. I fixed an error, JUST FOR YOU! I had the period on the inside of the parenthesis!

Because you are my therapy....

I probably should see a therapist. I’m a nutcase. Certifiable. My poor husband knew this when he married me, but I think it has gotten worse since he’s been gone. (how many days left? I don’t know. I will start the countdown when we leave his house headed for “home.” again.) Why do I think I am crazy?

I reach out for friends in crazy places like Target. Then, like the asshole you thought you had a great date with, don’t call you the next day. Or the next day. See, there I go again. Crazy. You have no idea what I am talking about.

Much like Babyfruit, I met someone. NO, husband, settle down. It wasn’t another man. It was just another mommy. A mother of another little boy about the same age as my little monster. I was talking (probably too loud, as usual) in the store about how there are NEVER any BOY clothes. Never. There are gobs and gobs and aisles cram packed of cute little pinks and purples and reds, etc. with frills for girls. And there will be three shirts and a pair of shorts for boys. In 3T. Which the monster doesn’t wear yet. So, I guess he’ll go naked for a while. Oops, I’m rambling again. Back to the topic. I was complaining about the lack of boys clothes when she nodded her head, so I told my mom.. “SEE SHE AGREES!” And we hit it off. We talked about.. Oh, who remembers? We talked about our kids and how we both stayed home. She was looking for warm footy pajamas in a 12 month size. I told her I could probably lend or give some to her, since my monster has outgrown that size recently. We traded phone numbers. And for two days I thought about calling her. I dug through the closet looking for jammies for her little boy. After finding only ONE measly pair, I though I could still offer those without seeming too desperate. Right? So, I got them all neatly folded, checked to make sure they smelled good with baby laundry soap. I planned to call her as I was running a ton of errands Friday and it would be a good time to just “meet and drop” before they went on their trip. I got in my car, got about 4 miles down the road, picked up the phone, went to dial, but looked down… and… and… I forgot the damn pajamas, so CRAP! I hung up the phone before I even dialed. Chicken. Now it will be two weeks while they are on vacation before I hear from her. And she’ll probably forget, and I’ll feel like a jerk because I didn’t call earlier. But hey, whatever. I don’t need real friends. I have my internet buddies. In a few weeks, I’ll have my husband for a few weeks again.. Until we have to come back.

Thanks for that. You’re much cheaper than actually paying a therapist who would probably give me drugs for depression, making me numb to the world and all of its joys. I feel better now, although you are probably feeling a bit used at the moment.

In other news, I’ve made another large purchase. We are still waiting for the final “signing” of everything, but we’ve purchased a Fifth Wheel, Camper, Trailer, whatever you want to call it. We got a heck of a deal too. It was appraised for the loan at nearly twice what we paid, still smells BRAND NEW and looks as though it has never been camped in. We will probably be living in it for a month in California while we wait for housing, being as there is generally a month or so wait to get in. What would be ironic? If we ended up getting the keys for a house, and the trailer ended up on a wait list for a parking spot in the storage area, THAT would be ironic. HA! How funny would THAT be? Pictures to come!

Friday, September 21, 2007

The End of MY contribution.

I don’t want this to become the “I hate Ernie Chambers” blog, but I have thought a lot about the reasons why what he does bothers me so much:

1) He is supposed to be a professional representing a group of people. His behavior is most definitely NOT professional, and he certainly isn’t someone I’d want representing me. Anywhere. Ever. If he represented a private company with the amount of respect and forethought as he does the voters in Douglas County, he’d be quickly unemployed.

2) He wastes tax dollars and gobs of time. He spends a lot of time filibustering the state congress, over silly non-issues. His most recent waste of tax dollars, the law suit against God. Yes, it bothers me that he is suing God. But what’s worse, he’s wasting the tax dollars of his constituants to do it. His constituants can’t afford that kind of waste. I’m sure they’d rather have the schools in their area improved than to pay to extend the session by 14 hours because he wants to rant on and on.

3) He makes sweeping statements about groups of people. One example is when he said that our country was “without honor” and that “our soldiers are dying in vain in Iraq and raping women.” The way that is phrased makes it sound like rape is something our soldiers are doing to pass the time while they are away from the states.

There are more reasons, but I'm too tired to list them all. Perhaps it stems back to when I was 15 in high school. I was part of a project to see how underage kids were getting cigarettes. Basically a bunch of high school kids (myself included) went into convenience stores with the backing of the Health Department and the Police to buy cigarettes illegally. I succeeded about half the time. At 15, I looked like I was about 8, so there’s no way it should have happened. We also spent some time lobbying. At the time there was a law going through banning cigarette vending machines from areas where minors could be (bowling alleys, restaurants, etc.). We testified that the law was stupid, because children don’t go to vending machines to get cigarettes, they just go to the local gas station. I was brutally interrogated questioned by Mr. Chambers. He was as ass then. Let’s see. That was, 12 years ago. I’d like to find out exactly HOW LONG in those 30 years he has spent filibustering, making idiotic comments and making statements like suing God. HOW many tax dollars have been wasted on his showboating. And now we know the reason why I have an issue with him. He’s in it for the drama and the publicity. The stupider he behaves, the more publicity he gets. That has to be it. If he really wanted to make the world a better place, he’d find some other way. So, ladies and gentleman, I am going to try my best to ignore him. I will no longer post about Mr. Chambers, because by posting about his idiocy, I am just publicizing it more, giving him exactly what he wants.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Happy Birth -er Yesterday

Yesterday was my Dad's birthday. Last year this time, he was recovering from heart surgery, so when I asked him what he would like to receive as a gift, his response was "another birthday." I couldn't personally deliver this gift, but it appears as if Someone else did. Thanks! We appreciate it! This year he is the picture of health. They took him off the Plavix. His cholesterol and blood pressure are under control. If you have ever met this man, you would most definitely NOT think that he had a hidden heart problem. This is a guy who doesn't eat a lot of vegetables (he would say: "But I drink my V8 every morning".. low sodium of course!), but doesn't tend to eat TOO much crap either. My mom tries to keep him eating right. This is a man who works out on a regular basis, walks a couple of miles a couple of times per week, spends EVERY weekend from April until October, when it is warm enough hiking, camping and waterskiing. He snow skis at least once a year. He is the picture of health. Not the person they show you in the "Welcome to Angina" video. How did we find out he had a heart issue? He couldn't walk the 3/4 mile to the hardware store without stopping to rest. He had to Sit Down on the side of the highway. This man barely sits to watch TV. Hell, I think I hear him running laps while he's sleeping sometimes. So, for him to have to sit during a walk was really scary. We did suspect something a few months before that. We (by we I mean everyone but me, because I was way pregnant) were running one mile each for the Nebraska State Games. When he was done with his mile, he looked grey and sickly. He looked so bad that we had this conversation:

Me: "How does your left arm feel?"
Dad: "What the HELL does my left arm have to do with anything?"

I'm beginning to ramble now, so I'll move on. Dad. Happy Birthday. Thanks for shopping with me today. Thanks for being such a great Dad to me; a wonderful Grandpa to the baby; beause I know you really don't have to. Here's to hoping you have another 21 (that's how old the waitress tonight guessed you were, right?) years at least left in ya. Because no matter what you think, getting old is definitely better than the alternative.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More about Suing God.

I posted the link earlier, but I was too upset to really say anything about this whole debacle.

This article above pretty much sums up the history. It makes me SICK to think that If I were raped that a judge could ban the use of the words rape, sexual assault, victim, assailant and sexual assault kit. How on earth is that woman supposed to accurately describe the pain and circumstances surrounding the situation that put them in court in the first place? I mean come ON! What’s next? Someone breaks into my house and robs me blind, and rapes me and the judge is going to be able to ban the words “breaking and entering”, “theft,” and “trespassing?” What happens then?

Yes, That person entered my house without permission and did some damage to the doors and windows along the way. He entered my house without permission and bade me sit in a chair whilst he knotted some rope around my wrists and legs. The rope was also attached to a chair. After removed many of the items that I had purchased, we engaged in non-consensual sex. Meaning, I was not consenting but he went ahead anyway.*

That doesn’t quite sound the same as what really happened in my fictional version. By removing all of the emotion and pain involved, you are also stripping that person of their humanity. Think about which moves you more. The above paragraph, or this one:

I was sleeping in bed when I heard a large crash. When I went to investigate, this man was standing in my doorway. He had broken the glass on the door. When he saw me he grabbed me, forced me into a chair where he tied me up. I couldn’t move. While I was tied up I watched him steal or break many of my most treasured items. That wasn’t enough. When he was done, stealing my stuff, he stole my soul. He raped me.

I know that a person is innocent until proven guilty in this country. I also know that there are many men out there that have been falsely accused of rape. However, there are many more women in our world who have been assaulted and raped who have not come forward because of situations like this. How can you feel positively about going to the police if you can’t accurately describe what happened when your time in court arrives? The problem isn’t with this case alone but the precedent it sets for the rest of time.

This article tends to make me even more upset. This is just another waste of time and money by this man. If he wanted to make a stand and sue because of a “frivolous” law suit, fine. Do it because some idiot is suing McDonalds because she was burned by hot coffee. Do it because some dork put a drill up his nose, and hit the trigger, and is now suing because “there was no warning against that” in the booklet. But Ms. Bowen had every right to sue because of her loss of free speech. She was unable to accurately depict the events that had occurred during her trial.

There is a fine line between victim rights and rights for the accused and this judge crossed the line and in doing so has opened the door for every sexual predator in the nation to have unfair words banned from the courtroom as well. How are we going to feel as a society when we let this continue? How are we going to feel when pedaphiles go free, violating more children, because words that depict them in a bad light are not allowed in court?

A Note to Mr. Chambers:

I don’t care that you boycott the prayers before the opening of the congress. You are probably right. There is separation of Church and State. You have every right to do so. However, you have no right to badmouth Christians. We are not perfect. We make mistakes, but those of us that are TRUE Christians spend our lives trying to lead good, decent moral lives. I hope you DO get your day in the Douglas County Court Mr. Chambers. I hope God shows up. But know this: Even if He doesn’t appear before the Douglas County Court, you will appear before Him at the gates someday. I pray Mr. Chambers that before that day you will rethink many of the things you have said and done in your life and for our government. I pray, Mr. Chambers that you will find the Lord; that you will repent for your sins. Because, Mr. Chambers, in the true end, He is the only one that can Save you.

*Footnote: This story is fictional and is NOT what happened in the actual court case. Meaning, I made this one up. I expanded on the situation for drama and to show what could happen in the future if things like this continue to happen.

I was going to leave this alone...

But that was when I mistakenly thought he was somehow defending the woman whose court case was shot all to hades when the judge banned the words rape and victim.

Ernie Chambers is at it again. He is being a freakin' idiot. I am trying VERY HARD to be a good Christian at this moment and just leave it alone.

Smarty No Pants

He's a pro now!

Sunday, September 16, 2007


If you are reading this, you've found me! Congratulations! Hopefully the change isn't too hard to remember!

You know I love ya!

Bionic woman?

Perhaps not.

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A Mother's Guilt

The baby chipped his tooth. How? He fell. I don't know the details, because I was putting dirty laundry in the hamper. He cried, so I came in and he was laying on his back on the floor. I have no idea what he fell into, or what he hit. It was at this moment that I felt I truly deserved the world's greatest mother award. Can you sense my sarcasm? When I picked him up to love him, I noticed he had a little blood in his mouth. Just a little. He cried for all of 30 seconds. Thirty minutes later, I was tickling him on the floor and he did one of those big open mouth laughs, and I realized that there was a chip in one of his little formerly perfect teeth. I wasn't too worried about it. Then I talked to my mom, who said I should still call the doctor. So I called them. The nurse line called me back, and said that I needed to have him seen TODAY. Apparently, a chipped tooth is a bigger deal than I had thought it was. So NOW I am waiting for the on call dentist to call me back. Has my mommy instict failed me? I am getting more worried by the minute. This is crazy, especially considering he cries harder and longer when I tell him NO than he did when he fell. Not to mention, he is napping, so I have nothing to keep my mind off of how easily his tooth chipped. Is it because I am not giving him enough "good" food to eat? Did I not drink enough milk or have a high enough calcium intake when I was pregnant? In those early months when I was BF?

**Update** The dentist called and all is good. I just need to look for signs of infection. His tooth might change colors, but she said that would be normal. I do need to bring him in for his regular visit after he's one though. She also said it is VERY VERY VERY common for small babies and toddlers to chip their teeth when they are learning how to walk. So. Perhaps I can package up my mommy guilt until another day.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

It hit me...

Today it hit me how little time we have left here in Nebraska. There are three and a half months left. One of those is gone, because we'll be visiting Daddy. We'll visit my Grandfather for another week, Then we'll actually leave sometime in Mid-December if things work out the way they are supposed to. So, that brings us down to about two months. Split up. In those two months I have a lot to do. I am pretty overwhelmed when I think of all the work I have laid out for me. I have to separate my kitchen gadgets from my mother's, go through several boxes and pitch stuff I don't need, get the car ready to be transported, figure out WHERE the baby is going to sleep after the movers come. Hopefully that won't be until December? I also have to plan and throw a birthday party for the baby, travel to the other side of the world toting the one year old, look for and possibly purchase a fifth wheel camper, have a hitch installed in the truck for said camper, load and prepare camper for the trip across the country. I also REALLY want to spend some time with friends and family in the little bit of time that I have left. Leaving this time will be bittersweet. I have loved being here. The baby loves his grandparents. I didn't get to spend nearly enough time with friends. That being said, I absolutely cannot wait to be in California. With my husband. And my baby. In our own house. together.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Should be sleeping...

Like the baby. We stayed at my in-laws last night. It was nice. The baby slept fairly well considering he was in an odd place. He is walking like crazy now.
Thanks for leaving comments friends.. and husband! Although, I wouldn't say that having your vas deferens tied would be "fixing" anything! Ha ha! At any rate, I love when people leave comments. It makes me want to post more. Which adds pressure, because I feel this crazy urge to write about "important" stuff. I also feel like all the English teachers of the world are reading this and judging me. I won't judge you -- or your grammar (unless of course, you incorrectly correct mine in front of a bunch of people, but then I've already ranted about that). Every time I post a blog I think of Mrs. Strand. And that teacher I had in some portable building. I think it was at Park Middle School. (Sorry teacher, that I can't remember your name..) I know that I should put punctuation outside of parenthesis if they are inside of a sentence (Thank you Mrs. Strand). <-- See, period. Outside of parenthesis. Also, every time I want to write the word "stuff" or "thing" I think of Jr. High English teacher who had banned those words. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I hate cable/satellite/telephone installations. It has got to be the worst part about moving. I am most certainly NOT looking forward to it. Not. At. All. I just spent the last couple of days at my in-laws. Did I say that already? They were having their whole phone/Internet/cable thing set up. The phone was supposed to have been turned on Thursday. I got there around 1. No caller ID, no new phone company. Father in Law called finally around 4:30. By the time we got back from dinner it was hooked up, but it took me 3 hours on the phone to get a hold of anyone to find out why the modem wasn't connecting to the broadband service. They were set up somewhere in Texas. Fools. So, it takes 24 hours to fix that (it was 8 pm by that point). But I was supposed to start trying around 10am for service. I still couldn't connect when I left at 6:30. I tried calling at 4:00, but they wouldn't do anything because it hadn't been 24 hours yet. Am I wrong for not believing that it was going to be fixed? We'll find out Tuesday. That wasn't too bad.
The guy coming to hook up the TV gave a 4 hour window. "He will be there between 8 and noon." 11:00 comes, and we get a call. "He's running late. It will be 1:30." My question about that is this: You move, you work hourly and have to take off half the day to have the cable installed. Because you get paid hourly, you probably aren't making much money and need every penny. What do you do when they say that? You've already lost half a day of work. What happens when you call in and tell your boss this? What if your boss is a jerk and decides that he is going to fire you? I think it is wrong. Okay. It is time for me to go to bed. I have completely lost track of where I was going with this. I have failed my English teachers. again. :::tear:::

*Update* I did fail my English Teachers with this post. I re-read it. It was awful! I fixed my grammar. Well, hopefully most of it. I also fixed the spelling errors.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Just in case...

I don't want anyone to be stressed out, so I better tell you that we got orders today. They are to Monterey, and we should get a house there within 3 weeks or so of getting there. So, that's right. You can all stop chewing your nails. You may all sleep now. You may all quit drinking, there are no more worries to drink away. Oh, wait. Maybe I'm the only one who wanted to do that? Oh well. We have orders. We're moving. We're happy.

The baby has been so sweet lately. I don't know if there is some sort of phase that they go through? He snuggles and wants to sit in your lap and be read to. He walks up to the dogs and smacks pats the dogs, kisses them and gives general 'luvin.' I have to say that it is very rewarding to get this kind of love from a person. He really is growing up and turning into a little boy. ::sigh:: I'm not ready for a boy yet. I still want a baby. I think I need to have another. (Watch out Daddy!!!)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Not a boy, but a little man...

Today, this little Boy:

Turned into this little boy:

The baby got his first haircut. I feel I owe a big thank you to Emily of Five Willows Salon. She cut his hair, and put all of those curly locks into an envelope. He was very well behaved. No tears were shed (by the baby) as the hair fell to the ground. He was very proud to be such a big boy getting his hair cut. He even inspired me to get a trim. Tears (or lack thereof) aside, it was still tiring. I held him while he squirmed. Emily did a great job. I have been having anxiety that she would accidentally stab him in the soft spot with the pointy end of those scissors because he would jump up or something. Needless to say, that didn't happen. He is home and happy sleeping away in his crib.
The day didn't start out as well as it ended. Again. He spent the better part of the morning screaming because he didn't want to take a nap. I have been terribly busy with my design work; today was no exception. I felt like a horrible mom, but I really needed him to take a nap so that I could concentrate on some of the work I needed to get done. After a few hours of no sucess, I broke down. I strapped him into the car and drove around aimlessly. Not completely aimlessly. We stopped at starbucks where I ordered my caramel macchiato (which I failed to order as a half-caff). THEN we drove around aimlessly trying to find wi-fi hotspots. We drove up 40th street to Old Cheney thinking I was going to stop at Bagels & Joe, not sleeping. We drove up Old Cheney and thought perhaps we would go to Bennet Martin Library, but after deciding that the parking lot was probably too far away from their router, headed home. He refused to fall asleep. I kept driving aimlessly around southeast Lincoln. We drove around and around and around. Finally, he fell asleep. One block from Culvers. I stopped and got some of the "gotta have it done now" stuff done. I actually got my work done before 10pm, and hence, I am going to bed before 2am. Yay me!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Monarch Migration

Monarch Migration
Originally uploaded by maryriedl
Tonight I took a walk with the baby. While the dog was pulling the stroller, (she's fat and needs the exercise anyway) I donned my camera and took photos as the monarchs swarmed around me. It was an absolutely beautiful end to what started out as what I thought was going to be a terrible day.

This morning the baby woke up in a terrible mood. He was whining, crying and clinging to me ALL morning. I had hoped to go to church with the in-laws, but we didn't get out the door in time. We were going to be 30 minutes late. So I gave up and just dressed in normal clothes. We went to leave the house and it was about 20 degrees cooler than I thought it was, so I had to get jackets. We left and got most of the way out of town when I realized that I was almost out of gas. So, I stopped at the last diesel (I have a Passat TDI.. great mileage, but takes diesel) station in town. It is a truck stop. The pumps did not take Credit Cards. The baby was sleeping. I drove around the station trying to decide what to do. I really didn't want to get the baby up, but I didn't want to drive around forever looking for gas either... I finally decided that I was going to just pump, drive up to the window, and bring the baby in quick. He'd go back to sleep. Then a truck pulled up behind me and got all huffy. So I left and drove up the road and found another gas station. This station was in the middle of the twilight zone. I have never been stared at so much in my entire life. I have no idea why they were staring at me, (perhaps they thought I was stupid for putting diesel in a car) it was just really incredibly creepy. I finally got on the road. We left the house at 11:00, it was noon. An hour later.. We should have been to the in-laws at 11:30. By the time I got there, no one was at the house. I drove by the church. Their car was still there, church was at 9:30. I would have been 30 mintues late for church even if I thought I was on time! So I parked outside of the Subway in town thinking surely the baby was ready to wake up any second. No luck. I finally decided to drive to the next town to Grab Runza. The baby woke up the second the smell of those french fries hit the car. At any rate, we got to my in-laws house and I shared my lunch with the baby. We hung out with them for a while (they were home by the time we got back). When we came home we ate dinner. The baby wasn't too much in the mood for anything but raisins. I think he ate about 3 cups of raisins. Not really 3 cups, but way more than I normally would have given him. It wasn't quite time for bed yet, so we went for a walk. Mommy, the fat dog Kleenex and the baby. It was absolutely gorgeous. About one block down the road. That was what I saw. I immediately returned home to get my camera and I took pictures as I walked around. It was crazy and beautiful. So, like I said. It was a beautiful end to what I thought was going to be a terrible day.

Friday, September 07, 2007

The Drunk Walk.... Coming Soon...

I'm hoping to get video of the baby's most recent escapades in walking. I have heard that the "drunk walking" stage doesn't last too terribly long. I must get it on video. If you haven't seen it, you should find a baby and watch it.

The baby decided yesterday that crawling is for the birds (or last resorts.. when he's fallen one too many times, or when he's really really pissed off.) He is now walking for real. Not the few little steps you saw on the video, but really honest to goodness walking. Except, he looks like a drunk that being mugged. He can't walk a straight line, and his hands go way up in the air. Today, he forgot to put his hands up, and fell flat over on his side. Let the bruising begin!

What? WHAT?

So. I'm not sure HOW MUCH about the Navy I'm allowed to complain about... But we are due to move to Monterey CA in about 90 days. Three months. We have September, October, and November. Mid-December is when we should be moving. Do we have orders? No. Do we have hopes of orders? We thought so. Until my dear husband got a call from his detailer asking for his "emergency contact" information. Usually they only ask for that if they are about to make modifications to orders. In a bad way. Like, we WERE going to send you to beautiful Monterey for two years of college and a Master's Degree. BUT someone said you were too good at your job where you're at. Your stuck buck-O! Okay, so perhaps I'm going a bit overboard. Things I need to think about.

1. Some Detailers are stupid. This guy may have just thought he needed that stuff to write the orders out.
2. You have to HAVE orders to before you can MODIFY orders, right? Since he doesn't actually have orders, they can't actually change them...

In other words, once again, we have no freakin' clue what the heck is going on. We don't know where we are going to be living in six months, and we have no idea what to do about it. Only this time, there are 7000 miles between us, and it kind of sucks.

Note to my husband: (who may or may not be reading this.) Please do not feel that because I am blogging about this that I am suffering undue stress. I realize you weren't going to tell me about this because you think I stress. Virtually no one reads this (except people I know) blog, so there's no worries. I like to vent. And Dramatize. So stop worrying about me. Keep harassing your detailer. ;)