Friday, November 16, 2007

Thanksgiving Woes.

I had planned on NOT bringing my computer with me when we leave for Idaho on Thanksgiving. That means there are a couple of options:

1) I can just forget about nablopomo, and not blog for Wed thru Sat, and possibly Tues and Sun.
2) I can try to write up that many posts, and have them sitting "stand-by" and ask my most wonderfullest husband ever to log in and click "publish" for me again.
3) I can just trust my husband to blog about something in my stead for those days,

or 4) I have to bring my computer and find internet and publish my blogs myself.

Here are the problems with each option.
1) I am totally committed to this. It has been a challenge to come up with something to write about every day, and I would hate to have such a long lapse.
2)There have been a few days when it has been hard to think of something to write. I would have to come up with 6 posts ahead of time, and then have them waiting. Work has been out of control busy, and so I haven't done much besides sit in front of this computer all week. It would REALLY be nice to get a vacation where I don't feel obligated to work.
3) My husband has in issue with the word "trust." In this case, I would be concerned about what my husband would write. But then again, it could be VERY humorous. But, I don't know if he would agree to this.
4) I have to bring my computer and publish blogs myself. and possibly work. I want a break. :)

Here's the fun part... You tell me what I should do. You have until Tuesday at Noon. Then I'll tell you what my decision is. Are you on pins and needles yet? Oh, and I will be weighing comments based on how much I love you and how much cash you send my way. So, make sure when you comment that you tell me who you are, even if you are posting "anonymously."


Splendid Photography said...

Ok I read your blog you must post or at least have something for me to read in your abscence. :) I don't have much time for the board or anything else so you should take this as a HUGE compliment that I take the time to read your blog. I just love it and find most of it entertaining :)

Knick Knack Paddy Whack, Throw This Mom a Bone said...

Ditto Shey! I read every day. You have to post. If you need a stand-in other than Dh, I will publish for you! :)

PS - You should request topics from us all! :)

Elisabeth said...

Again - I will ditto Shey and Heather. I seriously would have withdrawls. I NEEEEEED your blog. I look forward to it every day. I think I check it about 5 times a day until you've posted. You have to publish SOMETHING for us each day.


glitterrs said...

you know if you let your man write the posts, they will all be about four sentences long, in lower-case, and hilarious. i vote for that. then again, my exam is tomorrow and i leave for australia on tuesday, so my study procrastination needs won't need to be met and i will be catching up around the same time you get back from your holiday. hmmmm. i still vote for the hubby.

Vanessa said...

You have to post, especially since I haven't oops! I'd offer to do it for you, but, well, since my posting is mia, you probably don't want that!