Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Name it.

A bloggy friend,Seeryus Mama, has inspired me! She named her minivan "Virginia the Van."

So, I need you're help! We need to name OUR new vehicle. Our other car (a big dodge 2500) is named "The Big Blue Beast," or "Big Blue" for short.

Got any ideas?

I will close the contest on Friday. The day they detail the car so that it will be the cleanest it ever has been (and most likely ever will be - just ask my Dad). The picture at the bottom is the actual color.

Oh, what do you win? Bragging rights that you named some crazy lady's van. After all, which are you going to think is cooler?

"I won to Nobel prize because I invented the Internet. No wait, that was for global warming. Or because of a potatoe. Or was it tomatoe?"


"I named Momma Mary's Minivan."

That's what I thought? Who wants to be associated with Al Gore, when you can be linked to this:


Ashlee said...

That's so funny! My hubby named our couch 'Old Blue' years ago. I'm not much of a nicknamer for non-living objects. But, how about "Sally Ride"? Isn't there a song with that in it? I don't know....

Keep us posted on your new name.

Nicole O'Dell said...

I am not feeling creative with a nickname, but I love the van. I know it's tough to make the switch to a minivan, but you'll never go back now. The convenience is awesome!!!


Laura said...


The first word that came to mind when I saw it (because of the colour) was Shark. said...

Sweeeeet!!! I'm so stoked your' naming the's my contributions...

Beatrix the Buick (nickname that to Bea or Trixie!)

Mommy Machine

Velma the Van, or Virginia, oh or Violet...I love Violet the Van.

We also have Tommy the Tahoe and traded Goldie the Grand Prix for Virgina.

Hopefully you'll find the right name! said... I don't know WHAT kind of van you have...but if it's a Chrysler, it probably won't like being labeled a Buick! So here are more options...

Charlotte (That's my daughter's middle name, and it sounds great with a van too!) the Chrysler

Celeste the Chrysler (Or Chelsea)

Matilda the Mini Van

It's a contest, and I want to win.

JuliaS said...

Here from NaComLeavMo.

If I named my minivan it would probably be something along the lines of "what is that smell??!!"

Though - that's not so much a name as a question which would probably be followed up by "why are there fishsticks in my glovebox??!!"

Sweet wheels though . . . stow-n-go right? Niiiiiccceee!

What did they call the van in Scooby Doo? The Mystery Machine?

Vanessa said...

I'd say, call it the Blue Green Bullet. (Or whatever color it is)