Friday, May 09, 2008

Are you Serious?


People give away free stuff all the time. But never has anyone ever given away a Benjamin... to TAR-ZHEY!!! The mostest beautifulest store in the whole world. The place where, I can browse those $1 bins for an hour and find thirty things I want need. The place where they sell the diapers for Little Monster at the best price. The place where I actually bought my Wii, because they rock and actually had one. The place that is about 3 miles from my house. And has a Starbucks in it.


So I'm entering for this giveaway. Because, DUDE! This is SO! EASY!

So, Now that I've entered, you can to. But if you win, I'll totally come over and kick your butt for stealing my Archer Farms Vanilla Cinnamon Nut Coffee!


Ashlee said...

I love Target. It's my favorite. When my son was 3 he called it "our store". Good stuff.

Vanessa said...

I so entered. If I win Ill send you some coffee. Maybe... :)

Colleen said...

Oooh...I love Target. I go so often that my 3-yr-old knows the sign when we pull up. "Target, Mommy!"

Not the Momma said...

way too much time spent on blogger and in target!!!