Thursday, May 29, 2008


Doogs, seriously. I did NOT delete you from my reader. I still have 107 blogs in it. I got rid of some news feeds, and the earthquake feed. I got rid of feeds that I find I click "mark as read" on. I got rid of the blogs that weren't full feed, and that never caught my interest enough to actually click through. :) I love you guys!

So, you're safe. I promise. I love my doogs. I'm not dumping you.

Settle down. Because tomorrow. TOMORROW, I have the MOST scrumptious blog ever written. I am so excited about tomorrow's blog. My mouth is watering as I type this. You're all going to want to get on the closest mode of high speed transportation and head to the heartland of America when you read tomorrows post. At least I did when I wrote it.


debawriter said...

Tell us now! Tell us now!

(And good use of "Doogs." MommyPie will be proud!)


Vanessa said...

I was there then. When you posted that. Still didn't get to go there. :(