Sunday, May 11, 2008

2 down, dunno how many left to go...

Right before I left for my HEAVENLY! Mother's Day Pedicure, we found a new and FRESH gopher hole. Fresh, as in dirt was flying from the hole, fresh. As I was leaving, Not the Momma was preparing to flood the hole and catch this gopher.

While on my way to get my HEAVENLY! pedicure, I got a text message.
The text message summed up how the gopher had been 'exterminated.' Not the Momma was watching all of the holes nearby when a large bird swooped down from the tree behind our house. There was some scruffling, and then Not the Momma saw this:

Sure, that isn't the right kind of bird, nor is it our backyard, or even a picture taken by us... But have you ever tried to get that on film when you're standing in shock with your jaw on the ground? Yeah, I didn't think so.


Ashlee said...

That was too easy! :0) And I'm sure it was a sight!

Vanessa said...

Too bad I missed it. But, yet, I am glad this is not my yard. :)