Saturday, May 17, 2008

Warning... Rant ahead!

I have been stewing over this article for quite some time. There is something inherently wrong with the world when a 400+ pound prisoner (Oh, I’m sorry. 300 pounds now, he’s lost a few in jail), put into jail for BEATING, STABBING, AND KILLING A MAN, THEN SETTING HIS HOUSE ON FIRE, has the gall to file a lawsuit about the food (or lack thereof) he’s being served while in prison. This is just wrong on so many levels. Sure, he has the right to sue, but LORD help me if this man wins.

I don’t want our prisoners to lose their rights to fair trials, humane treatment. I’m not for starving our prisoners, or cruel punishments. No, I just want them to be treated like people who have committed crimes. I want people to be punished for the crimes they commit.

I don’t feel sorry for this man who is getting FREE medical care while in jail. How many people in our country go without? How many people in our country struggle to pay their medical bills? What crime have they committed? None. I don’t feel sorry for thiskiller who wants to complain about how little he is being fed for FREE while in prison. There are people in our world who are starving. Right Now. People are eating dirt in Haiti. Not because they did anything wrong, but because they are struggling with a food crisis. Food is so expensive that most people can't even afford the staples they need to live on. I don’t feel sorry for this man one bit, because the food his prison rejects, the hamburger that the prison deems ‘unfit’ to be eaten, where do you think that goes?

Any guesses?

The boxes of food that are supplied to US Navy ships (if not all branches of the military) are labeled “GRADE D MEAT. NOT FIT FOR PRISONER CONSUMPTION.” That’s right. (I've seen them.) The military, people who are doing us a favor, serving our country are being fed food that is rejected from the prison system. The very people who fight to protect the prisoner's right to keep their limbs when they steal, to ensure that they receive a fair trial, are being fed the food that is not good enough for the murderers, rapists, and thieves of our country.

So, No. I don’t feel sorry that my tax dollars are not going to keep this obese murderer from feeling ‘hungry; and ‘weak.’ I instead, mourn for the family of the person that he killed, I mourn for that man’s children, wife, mother, father. I’d bet that dead man would willingly be served small, cold meals for the rest of his life if it meant he got to live it.

I could go on forever, but I won’t. I’ll leave it at this: Perhaps if our country worried just a little more about the people who aren’t committing heinous crimes and their healthcare we’d be a little better off. If our country worried just a little more about what our children are being fed in the school systems (both educationally and in the cafeteria), we wouldn’t have so many people entering our prisons. Perhaps if our prisoners weren’t treated quite as well while they are incarcerated, fewer people would end up there.


annasmommy said...

This really pisses me off, too! How can some fat slob that murdered a man, sue because the food isn't "good enough" for his fat ass? I haven't seen these boxes of Grade D meat, but my older brother served in the Navy as well, and he told me about it years ago. I never understood that THEY had to eat it. Isn't this world just lovely? Feed steaks to prisoners because they sue the government for bad food, but feed our Soldiers, Sailors & Marines fighting for our freedom, for our lives, barely edible meat. How much longer can this last?

Ashlee said...

Don't even get me started on this one. I could go off on a tangent of my own. Prison is punishment. Period.

Anns said...

Wow - that's outrageous. How dare we send prison rejects to our men and women of service... that's disgusting.

Who should I write?

Momma Mary said...

To answer Anns question, I would think that you'd want to write your representatives in Congress. What is going to happen, though, according to 'sources' is that the Rep will write the Procurement Department... They'll then say "We've tested the meat, it's safe and edible." Nice, huh?

Vanessa said...

There are so many things wrong with our prison system it is not even funny. Sure, I am all for fair trials and humane treatment, but just a little part of me says let the F*er starve. And they should be getting the Grade D meat, and all the other swill that isn't salable.

Samantha said...

How horrible. But nothing surprises me these days.