Wednesday, May 28, 2008


In a little less than a month we'll be heading east (that is odd. I'm used to saying WEST in that statement) to visit family. I am getting excited. I don't think we'll have as much time as I'd like, but there are a few things I'm looking forward to:

  • The hot. hot. weather. (I'm pretty sure it will be lukewarm, since I want hot, but I can still hope.)
  • Spending one day at the lake. Water skiing, swimming, grilled food, soda. The sound of the cows mooing from across the lake. It's just too bad we won't stay there overnight. I'd love to hear the frogs croaking, see the lightning bugs, watch the stars come out. Have a fire, some s'mores.
  • The smell of Little Monster after that day at the lake. Little boy sweat, Coppertone, dirt, and lake.
  • Crawling into bed, where the sheets feel ultra cool after long day of sun and fun, followed by the deep, dark, hard sleep that comes from being totally worn out.
  • Reading. Grandparents will be around to keep Little Monster busy, so I'll be able to read. For fun.
  • Going on a date. Not the Momma and I plan on going to a movie at least ONCE while we are there. We'll have people fighting for the rights to sit on Little Monster.
  • Watching grandparent's faces as they see how much Little Monster has grown, as they see what a wonderful little boy he's become.
  • Spending time with family.
  • Hitting some national landmarks on the way back. I've never seen Mount Rushmore. And we've talked of visiting Yellowstone. We'll see. But, the sights we'll see on the way back, should be fun. Especially if Little Monster is up for it. He's at that age where everything intrigues him, and it could be great fun to show him some of these things.
  • RUNZA!!!!! I can so totally taste that Cheese Runza, with a side of Frings. Oh, sweet, glorious wonderful fast food that tastes SO GOOD.

I'm waiting. patiently. I have a lot of stuff to do before we leave, so I have plenty to keep me busy. But, the waiting is sweet in and of itself.

What are your summer vacation plans?


Ashlee said...

I have never even heard of Runza. But those stuffed burgers sound like something my mom made for us growing up. They were so yummy!

Your trip will be even more fabulous since you have your minivan to travel comfortably in! YAY! said...

You must be heading back to the great state of NE! I take Runza for granted...I'd be so unhappy without it! Have a great trip!

Our plans include going to the Zoo. I just love that place!

Vanessa said...

Mmmmmmm... Runza... I think I'll have to get one this weekend. We have a recipe for them... it's not quite the same, but hey, when it's been months, anything will do in a pinch... sort of.
Our summer plans? Go to a wedding, go to Lake of the Ozarks, go to see the grandparents, camping, and got to a wedding. Not sure of the order, but we are going to try to get it all in.

C said...

Coming to you from NaComLeavMo! Sounds like very fun vacation plans. We have a trip planned around July 4th, heading back to the Midwest to visit family. Our 3-month-old son has met his grandparents already, but this will be the first time he meets his aunt, uncles, great-grandparents, and all the rest of the extended family. We can't wait!!

Susan said...

I'm going to be taking two summer classes. Not on my list of things to do for summer but it'll be two closer to my goal. Maybe camping at Jim Thorpe. They have cute little cabins and a really nice lake. I hope to get going with my flowers and vegetables but we are still have some cold nights here in Pa. I come your way via NaComLeavMo.
PS I didn't think I would ever own a minivan. I have a Sienna and it rocks!!

Hope said...

NaComLeavMo led me to you...and I wanna go with you! :) Your lil monster is sooooooo cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh how wonderful that vacation sounds! Makes me want to open the windows so I can hear the noises of the night. It also reminds me of my summers with my in a local lake, catching lightening bugs, evening lightening storms. Ahhhh the memories!

I hope the trip is even better than it sounds!


Not the Momma said...

aaww... the long nights of kid sleeping in too small bed. the drives to get kid to sleep. the family asking when you are going to have another kid. the constant rush to get to promised places to meet the parents. the excuses because you ate runza/valintenos on the way and are too full to eat parents food. the 24hr car ride both ways.
can't wait to get back to sea/class.

smartypants said...

Unfortunately summer is my busy time at work, but we have lots of little vaca's planned to visit family and friends nearby. My favorite summer activity is our annual trip to Ashland, OR to go to the Shakespeare Festival. I love the theater!!!
Here via NCLM!

Pepper said...

Okay, I'm lame because I've never even heard of Runza. I'd love to see Mt. Rushmore, though.

Have a great trip!
Here from NCLM.