Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Please, Please, Please tell me my kid does NOT have chicken pox. He can't, RIGHT? RIGHT?

You see, in December, I took him to the doctor, and they got out all the little vials with the medicines and the mercury, and the needles. I stood by while they stabbed his perfect little thighs until his face turned the color of blood, and dogs cowered throughout Nebraska from the sounds that escaped his mouth.

I didn't really want to give him the chicken pox shot. Neither did my husband. I did it, though, because the doctor said he wouldn't be let into kindergarten if he didn't have the shot, and it was safe, and blah blah blah.

So. Tell me, these little pimply looking insect bites that are on his abdomen are something else. They've gotten worse since this morning. If they're still there tomorrow, I'm calling the doctor tomorrow. (Ha, I took him to the doctor last Monday. I wonder WHERE he got the freakin' disease!) Also, who do I complain to that the vaccine didn't keep my kid from getting the chicken pox. I paid good money for that shot.

I'm itchy all over now. yuck.


buffi said...

I know that the chicken pox vaccine can sometimes cause a mild rash that is, I guess chicken pox.

HOWEVER my 11-year old had a rash like that on her abdomen a few weeks ago. I took her to the dr who diagnosed it as "idiopathis dermatitis." In other words, "I dunno what's wrong w/ her skin." It went away shortly after. No fever or discomfort, just itchy bumps.

Of course, "just itchy bumps" on an 11 y/o are a lot less scary and easier to deal with than on a one y/o!

PS Don't google "rashes." You'll just freak yourself out. Trust me.

Ashlee said...

Oh, so sorry! Hopefully it's just a little rash on his little tummy. :0( I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

Kimi said...

Awww. Poor Little Monster! From what I was told by my doctor, children that have been vaccinated can still get a mild case of chicken pox. It is usually a milder case with fewer blisters. Sorry you are having to deal with this. :( HUGS