Friday, May 30, 2008

Runza. Runza. Runza. I love Runza.

**Disclaimer** I have NOT been paid to advertise for this company. I just love them. And some people admitted to not knowing GASP!!! what a Runza is. So, I'll enlighten you. Because I love Runza. I love them
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Not the Momma and I grew up in Nebraska. I'd like to think of it as the Heart of the heartland. It was a great place to grow up. Safe, small, yet big. You could be a kid without too many worries. One of the things I LOVED to do on summer afternoons, or sometimes after school, was to walk to the Runza that was near our house. I would save my babysitting money just for those trips.

Onion rings, not too salty, just a tad sweet, melt-in-your-mouth goodness.

The fries. Extra crispy on the outside, but hot and soft on the inside. Salted to perfection.

It was always a pain to decide which ones to get. I don't remember when, but someone, (pure genius) decided to add "Frings" to the menu. A combo of the two. Pure. Heaven.

Then, there's the pièce de résistance, the Runza. I prefer mine with cheese, but there are tons of way to get them. Plain, with Swiss cheese and mushrooms, Italian style... the list goes on. Sometimes, they even spice it up and add different, seasonal recipes.

Pretty much everything there is good. Handmade. Everyday. (If that isn't their slogan anymore, I think it used to be.)

So, if you're traveling anywhere near one of these yellow dots (If you're traveling I-80, you are):

You should stop. You can tell them I sent you, but they won't know who I am. They might look at you funny. So, instead don't ask what a Runza is. It's a combination of some seasonings, burger, and cabbage, all baked into a bun. Don't ask about the nutrition content. It's fast food. Just eat it. And enjoy.

AND NOW you should go to to take the quiz. I scored a 72. Because, the questions are unfair to those who have no choice but to move. I answered the questions as though I still lived in Nebraska though. So, I cheated a bit. I, my friends AM a Runzanatic. But then, after reading this, did you wonder? That is the "Friday Fun" part of this whole thing. But I had to explain it. Want to know what would be even more fun? Going to Runza. And eating until I'm sick. That would be more fun. So, You Nebraskans! GO! Have a bite for US!

Now that I'm DROOLING uncontrollably into my keyboard: Hey, uh, Runza? Can I get my commission now? How about 3 dozen frozen Runza's shipped to me? Yeah, that will be great. You're welcome for the advertisement!

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Ashlee said...

Sounds delightful! They are like what my mommy used to make for us. Probably not the same seasonings...but similar, I'm sure. I loved them too. I put them on my June menu just because of your post. :0)

Deb said...

I have been waiting since last night for this post. Of course because you promised it would be a good one. And it was...the pics alone...OMG! I may shoot the diet all to shit today cause now I want something Runza-ish and fries and onion rings. Holy Mary mother of god (not a religious comment-just something I am prone to say while having a food induced stroke).

Marmite Breath said...

When we came here four years ago, Aaron and I walked into a Runza to get lunch. There was this "smell". It smelled like dirty dishwater. We left without ordering and I have never been there since. There is one in walking distance from me in Papillion, but I have only ever got slushies for the kids, never food. Isn't that ridiculous? My Nebraska friends are all MAD FOR IT! They love it beyond all reason. I think they might put crack in the sandwiches.

Heather Johnson said...

I'm dropping by for NaComLeavMo (Hi!) and I find a post on yummy food - cool! Actually, food must be the theme of the day b/c another blog I stopped at had the recipe for buckeyes up - yeah!!!

And yes, you definitely deserve commission for your post!

SAHW said...

Thank goodness there isn't one of these places near me, b/c I'd be over there in a second after seeing your post...looks incredibly yummy and not good at all for the new diet plans, lol. Dropping by from NCLM! said...

You hit the nail right on the head! I scored an 83...but that's because Runza is within walking distance to my house! LOL...they also have THE BEST potato bacon soup and chili. Enjoy your runza!

If you ever have the craving, I'll buy some frozen runzas and have them shipped out to ya...Gotta help a sister out!

momofonefornow said...

Over from NCLM.

I have never heard of it, but it looks mighty tasty!

Not the Momma said...

mmmm runza..... twenty two more days yea he he he

Juicy said...

We're heading up to Iowa in July and I think we may need to have a side trip to Nebraska. That sounds pretty damn good. I have never even heard of a Runza, but I like it! And I want it!


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