Tuesday, May 27, 2008

PrompTuesday #6

Write in another voice — someone completely opposite from you (i.e. an oil tycoon, a four-year-old kid, a drunk dog) and argue in favor or opposition to something outlandish which should be legalized or outlawed (i.e. the oil tycoon might argue that all environmental groups be declared unconstitutional, the four-year-old may advocate mandatory dessert after dinner, etc.).

Bugs have feelings too. I mean, it isn't like the knowingly invade your house to steal food! They are simply doing what God meant them to do: hunt out food. Poisoning them is cruel and inhumane! You shouldn't even smash them. Smashing bugs is murder! Especially ants. They are the most intelligent of the insects, and by destroying them, you very well may be destroying the earth. How can you tell me that something that digs such intricate tunnels, with such a developed sense of community is not a sentient being?

Okay. So I totally ran out of time. And it's lame. But yeah, I hate ants. HATE them. I desire to kill them. All of them. So, this is about as anti-me as it gets? For now. :) For more PrompTuesday stuff, check out http://sandiegomomma.com/. Now, I'm going to bed.


Sassy said...

This is my second comment about bugs in a row! I hate them to. Creepy, crawly, icky, terrible things.

Ants as sentient beings? That freaks me out. Especially since they're currently invading our ensuite for water thanks to our lovely drought.

Ashlee said...

Bugs, schmugs. Let's squish them all! :0)

debawriter said...

Thanks for being a PROMPTuesdayer.

It's always fun! I look forward to seeing what you write.

(And don't worry about the minivan...you'll be happy you bought one any day now)