Saturday, May 03, 2008

Now we HAVE to keep the dogs...

I have to give you some history here: We have gophers. Stupid, stupid gophers who are digging under our yard, encouraging our dogs to try to dig out their holes and catch them. After all, they're rodent dogs; that's what they're bred for. Kleenex got caught hunting one out last night, buried up to her chest in the hole. Then she snapped at Not the Momma when he grabbed her by the tail. (The right way to get them out of the hole, that's why their tails are cropped short. I swear he wasn't being mean.) She slept in her Kennel last night.

Now I'll set the scene: Not the Momma got Little Monster out of his crib at 7:30 this morning after he cried for a bit, brought him to bed and turned on cartoons.

Little Monster crawled to the foot of the bed where the dogs sleep in their beds on top of a chest.


Translation: No Kleenex?! (with tones of shock and sadness) KLEEEEEENEEEEX!! (as in Come here dog!)

So. No matter how naughty the little rats are, we have to keep them. Because I just wouldn't be able to bear hearing that No Kleenex? Every morning. I would not be able to look into those big blue eyes and tell him that we got rid of his dogs because they are naughty. Not that we were ever really planning on getting rid of them -- we just threaten them with that. Now we can't even threaten, because soon enough, Little Monster will be able to understand.


Ashlee said...

It's the reason we've still got our dog. The dumb dog that he is....
My kids adore him. 'Nuff said. :0)

Vanessa said...

Ditto cats. Stupid furballs, think they need to be all up in my space at night. Meowing, purring, jumping on and off the headboard. Bah! Is it okay to just shut them in the basement?