Monday, May 19, 2008

Bathtime Conversations

We've been trying to get Little Monster to sing the ABC's.. or something along those lines. He now refers to ALL Letters and Numbers as "S." Here's how our bathtime sing-along went:

Not the Momma: AAAA

Little Monster: EEEES

Not the Momma: AAAAAA

Little Monster: EEEESSSSSS

Not the Momma: AAAAAA

Little Monster: EEESSSS

Not the Momma: BEEEE

Little Monster: ESSSS

Not the Momma: BA BA BA

Little Monster: BA BA BA

Not the Momma: BA BA BEEE

Little Monster: BA BA ESSSSS


Ashlee said...

You've gotta start somewhere! Why not with "s"?

Vanessa said...

Hahaha... so what does he say if you say "S"? Or r, then he says the next letter... hmm? We are almost at the point where mama is not the pacifier anymore. Yay! Oh, and he says bubbles. It is so freaking cute!