Saturday, May 03, 2008

Makeup Schmakeup

has been my attitude for a long time. Probably too long.

Right now, my routine is the same as it was in high school: Wash face in shower, moisturize, under eye concealer (for those dark circles from allergies and no sleep), eye liner (brown, from outer edge of bottom lid to center only), mascara. If I'm feeling 'dressy' I'll add some eye shadow in a shade of brown.

It takes all of about 3 minutes. If I take my time. So, now, I want to wear a bit of lipstick, and figure out how to get my eyebrows to look 'right.' But I end up looking a little too much like this:

image borrowed from these guys.

And not enough like this:

image borrowed from these guys


Granted, I'm no Lauren Graham, but still. I should be able to get those glossy lips, and do something about my eyebrows without looking like Baby Jane? How do I figure out what colors to wear? I am too chicken to go to the Clinique counter and get one of those 'free' makeover thingies, because I'd end up buying $4000 worth of makeup, and then end up spending a lot more money trying to fix the fact that I spent more money than he makes in a month on foundation that I'll wear once a month or so.

So, what do I do? Not the Momma's answer is nothing. I'm fine the way I am. I don't buy that. Oh, and that pic was taken on one of my 'pretty' days. It's actually a decent picture, in good light.

At any rate. Tell me. Fill me in on this whole 'makeup' bit. How did you learn to wear makeup?


McKenzie said...

I can still barely apply makeup, and now I'm having a little girl who will expect me to teach her these things some day. Oy! Just kidding. I taught myself, though not without some Baby Jane-ish moments. Do you have a Sephora near you? They'll do the same thing as the Clinique gals, but no pressure to buy, and the prices aren't horrible. Bring in the picture of Lauren Graham, tell them you want to find a lip shade/gloss like on hers, and they'll help you. Sounds like we have the same makeup routine, but I'll add eye shadow, just so that I don't look like I'm suffering from some fatal disease...although if you get the chance to shower every day, then I'm wicked jealous!

Elisabeth said...

Ditto to what McK said - except I am a makeup junkie! I love it all! Clear lipgloss, with a bit of lip tint (Benefit makes a liquid color that can be used on lips and cheeks - for that "flushed" look). And bronzer. I am a fan of bronzer. Add lip tint, clear gloss and bronzer and you'll be Lauren Graham in no time. Although - NTM is right - you're fine just the way you are. =)

PS - Sephora is heaven! Go fast. Fun. It's awesome.

Vanessa said...

Make-up. Yeah, I own some, quite a bit in fact. But uh, when was the last time I wore any... ... ... hmm. I don't even know where it got put away after the last time I used it. That is bad. But, well, whet I do know about makeup, is pretty much self taught. Which is hy I don't do it. That and I am lazy.

Samantha said...

Make up? What is that? My husband has the same response as NTM. He thinks I look better without makeup. Not that he would know, I never wear it. Right now I own mascara and that is it. I like being "natural", but there are just some times in your life when you want to feel pretty, you know?

Let me know if you learn some tips!