Tuesday, May 06, 2008

PrompTuesday #3

I am supposed to be cleaning the house. But one can only put up with cleaning up after an 18 month old and a grown man who cleans up after himself as well as one for so long... (I love you honey!!!)

Remember, PrompTuesday, courtesy of San Diego Momma? It's that time again. Wow the week went fast.

So, here's this week's PrompTuesday exercise:

You’ve been taken from your home, blindfolded and put on an airplane. After
what seems like forever, you’re led off the plane, and left to stand, alone. You
take off the blindfold and see this:

What’s behind the door?

I knocked on the door. It was crazy seeing this door here, in the middle of... Wiat? Where am I? I have to be somewhere with history. My thoughts were interupted as the door slowly creaked open. An eldery lady answered the door. She was very sweet, and explained the situation. This was a surprise, planned out by my husband for Mother's Day. I was going to spend a few days, here in Scotland without worries of cleaning or ID Cards or Little Monster snot getting wiped all over me. I had to hurry and shower, though, because apparently a spa treatment was waiting for me.

As I walked inside, I noticed that the Inn was very well put together. The furniture was antique and well maintained. The smell was wonderful. They must have been baking something in the kitchen. She showed me the grounds of the Inn, including their spa area, dining area, and finally my room. It was decorated beautifully. An antique four poster bed made out of cherry, a few chairs. There was a giant picture window that overlooked the mountains. Next to the window was a chair and a table with the things you'd need to make tea. This was going to be the best weekend ever. I tried to put aside the thoughts of how much this cost, and what the house was going to look like when I returned. I focused on the fact that I was here in Scotland again.

**Ding Ding**

The places that went in 10 minutes. Whew! Ugh. That was a fast 10 minutes. Time to start cleaning again!


Vanessa said...

NOT where my brain would have gone, but gee, that sounds nice, a cozy, clean place with no men (of any age) wiping snot on me? Sigh...

Ashlee said...

SOunds fabulous. Can I come too? :0) I'd love a getaway to Scotland. I like the way your mind thinks!

Kimi said...

Was this written as a hint to your DH? Hehe :)

debawriter said...

Now I know what to get your for Mother's Day!


Don Mills Diva said...

Sounds good to me - I wanna go to Scotland too!

Cheri said...

Um. Will there be men in kilts? I want to see that. ;-)