Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 -- A Review

Later I have a great story about everything that happened today, but first I wanted to take a look at the past year. It has been a crazy year in our house. Next year is not going to get any better, either. It seems to me that each year I expect things to 'settle down' and each year they get progressively crazier. Maybe I'm just getting older and unable to roll with the punches. Maybe I am turning into the mole my husband is and am beginning to enjoy holing up in my house with the blinds closed, watching movies and hanging out with my family. But then again, maybe not.

January. Ahh, January this year we moved into our new home. It was also the year the hurricane hit California and toppled every tree on base and in the RV park we were living in at the time. We were lucky that the trees stayed far away from our rig, but others weren't so lucky. There is the good, the bad and the ugly attitudes I had about moving in. But then, most of those things have changed.

February was less eventful, we were getting settled. But it was the month of the giant baby poop incident.

In March, Not the Momma tried to kill us. Apparently we don't worship Disney enough, because shortly there after we ended up in Mickey's Hell House. March was also the month that Not the Momma nearly drove us off of the road after having one of his startling revelations.

April was the month I was a fool and tried to clean my keyboard with bad results. It all ended happily enough, but it could have been avoided. We also visited the Sequoias near Fresno.

May (I always want to type Mary when I am typing May) was totally insane. What between the remake of Caddyshack going on in our backyard and the purchase of one of those things I said I'd never buy. The gophers have run away for now, and I am really enjoying Schmitty now that we've had him for a while. I know I'll love him even more come next June when Baby #2 makes its appearance.

In June, the dogs didn't get the memo that it's never hot here. They decided to do some backyard renovations to include installing a new swimming pool. Little Monster began really living up to his name. I also reached the landmark 300 posts. How I'm not famous like Dooce or The Pioneer Woman or anyone else I don't really know. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the spelling errors, grammatical faux-pas, or inconsistent posting.

Are you bored with the month by month recap of the year yet? Really? Because I see that you're still watching that stupid thing on VH1 that recaps the year. I think I'm a little bit more interesting than Britney's balded head and the election. Okay, Maybe not. Who cares. I'm finishing this up if for no other reason than I'm having fun reading my posts from the last year.

July. The hottest month of the year. The temperatures here on the lovely Central Coast of California actually got warm enough to defrost my toes, set up the pool and play outside for hours and hours on end. Of course, we were in Nebraska soaking up the heat there, relaxing at the lake, running between our parents houses and eating lots of good food. And then there was the time where I almost went to jail. Okay, so there was no jail, but there was a ticket. It was shortly thereafter that Not the Momma decided that Someone upstairs has it out for him.

August was pretty lame around here. Except for this. Seriously, if you only click on ONE link to previous posts, you should totally click on that one. Little Monster singing Itsy bitsy spider? He wasn't even 2 yet people! HOW cute is THAT?? Look at his little sun! We watched this the other night and we both almost died because the amount of cute that was coming out of my computer totally filled the room, pushing the oxygen out. It's a good thing it's a short clip.

September was the month that Not the Momma decided to try to prove that at any given moment the molecules in a solid object could align themselves so that another solid object could possibly pass through it (it's called tunnelling). He had a one in some number of trillions chance. But there's still a chance. He still has a scar from the incident, and Little Monster is now obsessed with 'boo-boos' and thinks everyone needs one on their knee. We also visited San Diego despite mice taking up residence in the fifth wheel and my bad attitude about the whole ordeal. It turned out to be a good trip, especially considering the good news we got the day we left. (Keep reading).

October was when I announced that there's going to be a Little Monster: The sequel. It's also when I began really feeling the symptoms. Little Monster also turned two. How sad is that? He's such a big boy now.

November was the month the sequel tried to kill me with morning sickness. I am NOT complaining. I am very grateful that I am pregnant, and that is has stuck around. Not the Momma and I only had a short time to conceive so that he would be home for the birth. That time was about up. Thanksgiving was awesome. We had some friends over and did tons of touristy stuff and just spent time at the house. December has been a great month as well. The morning sickness has subsided, everything is seemingly going well and the year is over tomorrow.

It is amazing how fast this year has gone. I can only imagine that the years will go by faster as the sequel is born, and everyone gets older. I pray that we'll continue to be happy and healthy. And by we, I mean our family and yours. Happy New Year!

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Elisabeth said...

Thanks for the year in review! I've so enjoyed being your friend and being a part of your life!

Have a happy, healthy, safe, joyous and peaceful New Year!!