Thursday, December 11, 2008

My week in moments.

My week was full of moments that made me laugh and cry all at the same time. Some of it was pregnancy hormones, but others, who knows.


You know the day might not go so well when your child wakes up, you look at his green, weepy eyes and he says:

"Mommy, Eyes. Boo-boo."

It's not pink eye, but we got drops in case it gets bad. It is most likely a cold combined with irritation from the smoke the controlled burn that they did yesterday.

At the doctor's office he announced "All Done!" every time the doctor finished listening to his lungs.

It nearly broke my heart, when on the way home from the doctor's office, he rubbed his eyes. I asked him if they hurt and he responded "It tickles!"

Daddy says: "Why is it called Pink Eye when the stuff is Green??"


We ran to the mailbox twice -- or rather Little Monster ran while we walked. If you've ever watched a two year old run four blocks, you know how silly and cute it is. Especially when he's yelling songs at the top of his lungs. And stopping to touch the fiber optic snowflakes lining the sidewalk. And trying to read a pamphlet while running home.

Kleenex was barking uncontrollably yesterday. I went outside to kill her because she JUST WOULDN'T SHUT UP and I noticed that Chewie was missing. The door to the garage was open. And so was the big garage door. Kleenex was being a big fat tattle-tale, ratting out the boy dog because he ran away. For the first time in her life, she's had a good reason to bark like a maniac.


The dishwasher that has been broken since Thanksgiving is now fixed. I feel like I have my life back! This after being threatened with having to wait until January to get a new one, Friday to get one stolen from another vacant unit, and coming home from the store today to find the dishwasher in pieces.

My neighbors are moving overseas. As such we inherited a Beta fish, a cactus, and 3000 pounds of snack foods. Little Monster and Not the Momma are in Oreo and Ice Cream heaven.

You know you're hormonally pregnant when you watch a St. Jude commercial and start bawling your eyes out. Not teeny little tears, but Big fat, loud, sobbing tears that are practically inconsolable.

Of course, what person with a heart, can see the little baby barely walking (second 41) with the IV and bald little head and not break up into a million pieces? Wait, you can watch this commercial without being a crazy, bawling, wreck? Okay. Maybe it is the pregnancy hormones.


I'm on day number two being z.ofran and puke free! Yay!! Of course, that makes me a bit paranoid that something has gone wrong. Why should it? I don't know. I'm in the second trimester, but I'm still afraid that something has gone wrong. But that's just the paranoia speaking.


Little Monster demanding pie every ten seconds for the entire week.


How was your week?


Ashlee said...

Sounds like you have had an eventful week! :0) Hallelujah for your dishwasher, too!

McKenzie said...

Yay for no puke without the Z!

I'd rather go without internet and television than without my dishwasher. We didn't have one when we lived in NYC, and it's amazing that the piles of dishes never attracted the giant NYC roaches.

St. Jude commercial? I saw it last night during Grey's, and I had to turn because I felt my chin start to tremble...and my mind going places I didn't want it to go. Ugh.

And yes, watching a two year old run is so much fun.

glitterrs said...

how good is second trimester when you actually forget that you're pregnant for a minute?

Vanessa said...

I cry every time I see that commercial. It's not just the hormones. Oh, wait, I have those too, maybe it is. I also cry at Christmas songs, and cheerios commercials. And the hallmark ones.
But the St. Judes ones make me cry in my non PG state too.