Monday, January 28, 2008


Okay, as promised.. here are the things I have enjoyed thus far.

My house is huge. The baby has his own room, and a toy room downstairs where we spend the majority of the day. Our house is gorgeous, for the most part. It's in a nice area, with quiet neighbors, and with the exception of the parking habits of our neighbors, it's a decent place to live.

The weather is decent most of the time. I can deal with rain and fog when it is 50 degrees outside most of the time. Ask me again in July, I may change my mind, but for now, when at home it's -39 (slight exaggeration) with 3 feet of snow (again, slight exaggeration), I'm pretty happy with it.

I can see mountains and ocean from my neighborhood. Every day when I leave my neighborhood, I come around the corner and can catch a glimpse of the mountains and see the ocean all in one glance.

I live 100 miles from a big city. A city with awesome sour dough bread and tourist attractions a plenty.

There are no chain restaurants to speak of. Often I'll complain about this, but today, I'm making it a positive thing. Because there aren't many restaurants we're familiar with within a 10 minute driving radius, we're saving tons of money. I make dinner most nights.

Not the Momma is home. Every day. Before 2200 (that's 10PM for you non-military types). He is going to school, really, and getting paid to do so. That's wonderful. He leaves for work around 8am and gets home around 3:30 most days. Can we say LOOOOVE IT!! Granted, he has homework aplenty, but at least he's home, and I can interrupt him if I really need help.

Target, Kohls, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond and Old Navy are all within 10 miles of my house. That's right. If we could afford it (we can't, but I can dream), I could go shopping every day.

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