Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Reasons I am a certifiable Grinch - sort of.

I am a Grinch in that we are not doing a big "gift-give" this Christmas. Little Monster is getting some "big boy" underwear, a book about potty training, a potty chair, some pajamas and a few small toys. Not the Momma is getting -- well, I'll tell you about that later. As for the rest of you, I can't afford anything. And I don't feel remorseful. The lack of remorse bothers me a bit.

I am not doing Christmas cards this year. If that makes me terrible, so be it. I'm sending out an email with a picture of Little Monster. I may even take the time to write out a dorky letter and photo shop a Santa hat onto Little Monster's head.

We have not (and might not) take Little Monster to see Santa this year. Ever since the burn, his eyes and face are all gross, green, and/or broken out.

I am pregnant. And Crabby. And I don't like it when people touch me. Or breathe on or near me. The only exception is Little Monster when he says "Mommy, Hugs" hugs me then says "More Hugs!" and repeats that.

Someone has figured out how to take off his shorts and diaper. He does so when he's in his playroom by himself. Hopefully he didn't pee on anything.

I lost a $200 key fob for the minivan. I finally got around to having the dealer program the new one I ordered to find out it didn't have a right "piece" or some other baloney and I would have to come back later.

It is day one of a very long break with my easily bored husband who owns no property to maintain, fix or update. It could be a long, long break. And he's started complaining about the lack of blogging going on over here.


Ashlee said...

You're NOT a Grinch at all! My sister emailed her Christmas cards this year too. She created one on her computer and just attached it to an email. I thought it was a great idea! WAY cheaper too.

McKenzie said...

Ugh, I said we weren't going to do a big gift give for the kids this year, and I couldn't stop buying, mostly for Nat, because Savannah already has his old baby-ish stuff. I could return some stuff, or not give it all at Christmas and save it for throughout the year, I guess. You're SO not a grinch!

Vanessa said...

Yeah, Fin is a spoiled brat. Santa came to visit us last night, since we hit the road tomorrow, and the kid got all kinds of stuff. Stuff we don't need, and have nowhere to put, since Oma and Opa have a bit of a shopping problem, and he got half of the fisher price aisle for his birthday. I guess I can consider us fortunate, since they only do that when they see him which is only 2-3 times a year.
Mommy has a shopping problem too, although at least this year I actually bought things for other people, instead of myself. :) I don't think you are a grinch, in fact, I wish I was more like you.