Monday, January 28, 2008

Moans and Groans

Don't get me wrong... I'm pretty happy with our new house. It's pretty big, and once I get the guest room cleaned out, and get some shelving in there, it will be pretty nice too. But there are some things I could do without.

The ants. Ants like California, and they especially like homes with messy babies. I have tried really hard to keep the floor clean, but no matter what I do, they come in. They come in through the front door, the back door, beneath the trim work, everywhere.

Crappy Dishwashers. What good is a dishwasher that doesn't wash, let alone even begin to dry the dishes? Especially one that shifts so that every time I need to shut the door, I have to jiggle it?

No reception. That's right. There's NO phone reception in our home. I can't make a 2 minute call on my phone without it dropping. So, I have to get a land line.

No land line phone jacks. All of them are in the bedrooms. There is only one phone jack in all of the downstairs. Nice, huh? This didn't matter until we tried to make a cell phone call.

No Cable. We can't get normal Comcast cable in this area, which REALLY REALLY sucks. We are stuck with so-so internet that works, but it could be a LOT better. We are also stuck with an overpriced satellite bill. (Not that I'm complaining.. I am loving the zillions of channels.)

Backwards sinks. Our sink is backwards. The garbage disposal is on the LEFT side of the sink, while the majority of the counter and dishwasher is on the RIGHT side of the sink. This really bothers me. I just can't get it through my head which side the disposal is on. Disposals should ALWAYS be on the right side of the sink.

Companies that are idiots. We tried to buy a laptop this week. That was all fine and dandy, until the Credit Card company decided they didn't want to pay the Computer company for the computer. The computer company decided they didn't want to send us a computer for free.. Not that I blame them. The Credit card company also won't release the charge. They won't tell us WHY any of this is going on.. They are mailing us a reason sometime in the next 60 days. Oh, the computer company and the Credit Card company... they are one in the same, just different departments... Nice, huh?

Tack strips suck. Especially when you're walking barefoot to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Every night. I think I should probably make sure my tetanus is up to date.

Enough of that... I think tomorrow I'll post a list of things I like about this place... I can't complain all the time!

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