Monday, June 02, 2008

Dog for Sale!

Here is a picture:

How can you resist? She's well trained. She climbs right into the highchair for breakfast and dinner. She gets along well with other dogs and doesn't require much effort. She spends most of the day sleeping.
She's an avid rodent hunter.

Wait a minute. She just looked at me. Aw, who am I kidding? I can't sell her! She's FREE to the first commenter. I'm kidding. I swear. I'm afraid she's going to do mean things to me in my sleep now.

Seriously though. I have two options. I can continue to fill in the holes she digs trying to catch us a gopher (Yes, we're still having a regular old caddyshack 2008 over here), or I can embrace her skill and put her to work. Would PETA be upset if I used her to dig a hole for an in-ground swimming pool and create some custom landscaping? Oh, well. Too late.
Here's some photographic evidence of the work in progress. This is what our yard looked like before the excavation began:

Do you see the frolicking and good times being had by all? The nice freshly planted sod? That we spent a weekend laying? breaking our backs, getting dirty? Spending LOTS of money on? Ah, good times.

Here is a rough blueprint of her work, and some photos. I've taken the time to point out the improvments she's already made.


The beginnings of the swimming pool:
deep end


This one is difficult to see, because I've filled in part of her work. The grass will most certainly die over time, making the sink hole stand out more.
sink hole

She's tired now. It's time for a break.
But, if you want a lovable dog and need some excavation done, I'd be happy to loan her out. All you need are an ample supply of dog food, greenies, and a nice, freshly planted, green lawn. Then, she'll get to work right away.


hopeful #1 said...

Animals do the darndest things... darn it!

DC said...

This is hysterical!! (Probably not so funny if it's your yard, but a hysterical post nonetheless.)

Jendeis said...

Love this post! Your little rascal is adorable.

Kim said...

Oh My! What a cute dog! Ours is 70 lbs and would collapse the high chair! lol Maybe you could put a little gopher scent in spots where you want to plant flowers and she could did a little hole! I will hire her for that! NCLM

Naomi said...

my petey (half pitt, half lab?) dug three holes in a triangular shape, and would run around then like some obstacle course. Then gave up on the two and proceeded to dig the one, right smack in the middle of the yard mind you, so big that he (85 lbs and over 5 ft standing on his hind legs) could lay in it and not be seen. He's an oddball guard dog.

My last dog used to catch everything from crickets to rabbits and bury them in yard. I've got a pet cemetary back here. Be happy your holes are small and empty : )

Vanessa said...

I try to give my cats away all the time. Once someone actually said okay, so I had to rescind my offer. I do really love my fur babies.
Thanks for the comment, and I updated, just for you. :)
NCLM... hehehe.

DC said...

I've just posted the answers to "Truths and Lies." Please stop by and see if you guessed correctly! :)

Kymberli said...

Oh my goodness - this royally cracked me up! Thanks for the laugh! Your dog, the little hole-digger, yard ruiner that she is, is adorable.

BTW - we have the exact same high chair.

Amanda said...

But she's soooo cute! You can't stay mad :)

My mini dachshund and pug BOTH like to dig. And the pug thinks it's her job to pull up everything that doesnt belong in her yard (PLANTS!)