Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Troublesome Tuesday?

That's Little Monster. His name is spelled T-R-O-U-B-L-E. Not because he's naughty and disobedient. Because he's smart. And curious. And he really likes juice.

This morning I was in the bathroom when I heard the backdoor shut. Immediately after, I heard Little Monster still playing in his room. So I knew he was inside the house and I wasn't terribly worried. He was inside, the door was shut, life was good.

Fast forward a few minutes when I got out of the bathroom and finished an email. I go check on him, and he's sitting in his playroom with a Capri-Sun.

Hmm. Capri Sun is stored in the garage. Unless... Was there one stashed in here? That can't be possible, we'd just cleaned that room a couple of times recently. We would have found it. Then I remembered that Not the Momma had told me we were out of juice boxes and that I should get some more next time I went to the store. Hmm. Even Odder.

"Little Monster, how did you get that juice?"

He had a stinky diaper too, so while I was changing his diaper, we continued our discussion about the 'boos.'

"How did you get that juice?"

That led me to think. That means the door I heard slam was Little Monster RETURNING to the inside of the house. He had gone into the backyard, walked to the garage door and opened it, found his juice, brought it back inside the house and shut the door, removed the straw from the 'boos' and had tried to get into it.

Trouble. That's what we've got around here. Not so much for Little Monster, but more for the grown-ups in this house. Now we have to figure something better out for the doors. Because, folks, my doors are 'baby-proofed' with those annoying handle covers and dead bolted. And he won't open them when anyone is looking. He's sneaky. Trouble. with a capital T.


Knick Knack Paddy Whack, Throw This Mom a Bone said...

A clever one, that boy!!! Unreal! I totally think you need an alarm...a friend of mine has one for her slider because her 2yo gets out all the time. He moves it an inch and the alarm goes nuts. Then at least she can chase him!

Otherwise you may just need to duct tape him to the wall.

Ashlee said...

My son required the installation of door latches to keep him contained. They were put up at the top of the door. Not high enough that I couldn't reach, but high enough that he couldn't reach them even if he pushed a chair over to the door to try to unlatch it himself. :0) It was a pain to have them on the doors, but helped me keep my sanity.

Not the Momma said...

we can not do either since we do not own the house.

Vanessa said...

Wow. I am glad that our doors are impossible for an adult to open (it is a very 2 handed process), let alone a 2 year old. That just means that he will learn how to open them by the time he is 3, instead of 2. Joy. I don't know what to tell you besides, umm, good luck?

When is the next time you will be in the midwest?

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Sneaking out for Boos? You do have trouble! LOL!

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