Wednesday, July 30, 2008

On my way home...

It was a warm night, the sun was setting over the ocean as I drove down the Pacific Coast Highway, top down, wind blowing in my hair. The music was blaring, rocking out. I came home, my baby kissed me and went to bed. Then, I spent some quality time with the husband.

And that's a true story.

At least it would have been if the night had been warm and clear. It was cloudy, cold, and drizzly foggy night. I don't have a convertible, so I wasn't exactly driving with the top down, and since it was cold Schmitty's windows were all closed. The music wasn't exactly blaring either. And the fantasy ended when I saw a white motorcycle tailgating me. Only it wasn't just any motorcycle. It was the CHP. Yup. I was pulled over. I was going 70 something in a 65. Just like every other person on the road. But, it was foggy, so I probably should have been going the speed limit. And yeah, I admit, I do kinda look like some sort of drug pusher in my light blue minivan. You never know.

No, I didn't get a speeding ticket. Instead I have to appear in court because I didn't have proper insurance paperwork. So, I guess that's better than the speeding ticket I was about to get. It's correctable, so I just have to prove that I had insurance at the time I was pulled over. That's a good thing right? So my little prayer about not getting a speeding ticket, that worked, right?

Oh, my.


Ashlee said...

I liked your first story better too. :0) At least you didn't get a ticket. That would have really made a dreary day worse.

The Khaje Khronicles said...

Enjoyed your first story. Hey, I'll get to do that soon in GA! lol Oh wait...I don't have a convertible either. Oh darn.

Glad you didn't get a ticket.