Monday, December 08, 2008

What? Who is this?

I am still alive. Even after going a week without posting. I know it's bad when I have to actually LOG IN to my blogger account. It's even worse when Not the Momma who normally whines about the amount of time I spend blogging begins to whine about his lack of online reading material.

What can I say? It has been busy around here. We had friends for Thanksgiving, spent the rest of the weekend decorating for Christmas and being lazy. And I threw up a lot.

Then there were about two days of me throwing up while trying to get the house ready for more guests (I failed at that one), getting as much work done as possible. Wednesday we got up bright and early, hit the gas station, Starbucks and headed out to the airport to pick up my parents. There was a little more Zof.ran and a little less throwing up.

We had a great time hitting tourist destinations, local restaurants, and just playing at home. Little Monster was totally enamored with Maw-ma, and and Paw-pa. He spent the entire weekend holding their fingers, showing off for them, and tricking them into loving him even more than they already did. I think their hearts were ready to burst by the time they left. He was incredibly good the entire weekend, of course, making me look like a liar when I talk about how naughty he is. Although, there was the ONE incident at the donut shop with the screaming and the throwing himself to the floor. But then, he's two and if we only have one of those in five days, then all is well.

Mommy, Daddy and the dogs were spoiled as well. The dogs got to go on a real, honest-to-goodness W-A-L-K. Perhaps we'll have to do that a bit more often. Would it be wrong to leash the child at the same time? It would be easier to handle them all. Mommy and Daddy got to sleep in a couple of mornings (sleeping in means past 6:30) because either Gramma and Grampa were up with the Monster to play with him, or they had tired him out so much the day before that he slept later in the morning. That made us ALL happy. Mommy and Daddy also got to go out on a DATE! It was a short one, but it was fun. And spontaneous. Not to mention, my parents felt obliged to wash the dishes every time I turned around. Because my dishwasher broke. On Thanksgiving. Now we have to train Little Monster to wash dishes, and I'm thinking it might be more work than washing them myself. I'm all about taking the lazy way out.

Little Monster was not very happy to see them leave Sunday afternoon. I'm not sure how much of that is because that they showered him with attention and love, or how much of it is that he was spoiled because Mommy and Daddy let a few rules go lax while they were here. I'm guessing it was 10% lax rules, and 90% missing them.

We have exactly one month to get the family into shape before the next set of Grandparents arrive to spoil us rotten. The month of boot camp is totally worth all of the giggles, belly laughs, and silliness and fun that went on the last week. It was far too long between visits this time. I can only hope that things work out so that there will be lots of 'De-spoil the family' boot camps in the future.


Ashlee said...

So glad you had such a good Thanksgiving. Except for the puking part. :0)

Not the Momma said...

it is about time. I was getting board at work.