Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy 2009!!

Our 2008 ended with a boom. I promised yesterday I'd tell you about it, remember?

We got up early (no thanks for that wake-up call, Little Monster!) and hit the donut shop and Target. Little Monster needed some mittens, a hat, slippers and a backpack. We had just finished picking up the backpacks when


I was certain it was something bad. The shelves had collapsed. Or the terrorists had found us. Then I felt the cold, cold sensation on my legs. No, my water didn't break. It's too early for that - and that would be warm anyway. I turned around to find that my husband's face was beginning to match the red of his shirt. He apparently had forgotten the warning he's gotten every day from every local Starbucks about the lids not fitting on the frappuccino glasses. And he dropped his Venti Java Chip all over the aisle. And by all over, I mean ALL. OVER. It was on the floor, up the other side of the shelving (luckily it was all glassed in, so we didn't have to feel obligated to bring home any extra merchandise) and the backs of my legs.

If he could have, he would have slithered out of that store as quickly as possible. He embarrasses easily, my husband. But we weren't done shopping yet. I wiped up the back of my pants so no one would think I had a very bad situation in the bathroom (it didn't really work) and finished up our shopping.

You know, this isn't nearly as funny now that I've typed it all up as it was at the moment. Oh well. Did you know that they have this cool powdery stuff that you put on wet spills that will soak up the liquid and the sticky? All you have to do is sweep it up and the mess is gone. It was amazing.

Little Monster was thoroughly pleased with his new stuff. Especially the slippers, mittens and hat. I've convinced him (for now) to remove the hat and mittens for nap time, and he wasn't allowed to wear them during lunch (which meant he refused to eat). Here he is modeling it all, and dancing in it. Once again, the cuteness is almost suffocating. Or I'm pregnant and hormonal. You pick.


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Vanessa said...

Hey, that's Fin's hat and mittens. I think it is super cute, because when he has the hat, mittens and his red coat on, he kinda looks like a lobster. Which kinda makes me chuckle. I think it is the mitttens, they just look like little claws on him.