Thursday, July 31, 2008

Caffeine Inspired Conversation

Okay, so perhaps a little bit inspired by this post. Normally, I wouldn't link to her, because she's all famous and stuff, and I'm soooo not famous, so it isn't like my linking to her is going to help her traffic. But, you need the background story. But I thought this was a particularly funny post. And I was reading it to Not the Momma... and he said:

NTM: Wow. That sounds like us. Only You're the Jon.
Me: What, you mean because your parents think Jesus sent me?
NTM: Yeah
Me: Jesus did send me to you.


NTM: Jesus hates me.

He has a way of making me feel special sometimes. Yeah, as special as the dog turd that's stuck in the bottom of Little Monster's shoe, getting squashed all over the driveway. That's the kind of special I am. Yeah. I guess it's better than the special that gets finger quotes, special. Maybe. I'm still not sure.


Marmite Breath said...

Hahahah, he thinks Jesus hates him!! Bwahah!

You know your husband loves you, he just has a sense of humour like mine!

PS) Response to email coming up when I get back from taking the kids to the Botanical Gardens.

The Khaje Khronicles said...


Ashlee said...

Sounds like something my hubby would say too. :0) Not in a mean way, but because he thinks he's so darn funny.

I think he needs lessons on humor.

Jess said...

love this Blog girly. so interesting.

would u like join me over at MomDot

MomDot Street Team

Jess said...

you've been nominated