Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Whatever happened to Scrubs?

You know, that TV show about all the crazy doctors. Come on, you have to remember it! Zach Braff played JD. JD, who always had an internal monologue that sometimes took the show in funny directions. Did that make JD Crazy? If you think it did, then, please stop reading. I don't want to freak out any of the internets that don't want to be freaked out.

Did they leave? Okay. Good.

I have been blogging in some form or another for a while. Since, 2001 at the very latest. My blog started out at angelfire. I wrote all the dorky html code for it. Dorky it WAS. It was really just a diary. A boring place where I told people what I ate for breakfast and how much Rhode Island sucked. (I no longer think that Rhode Island Sucks, by the way. I miss it and can't wait to go back!) Sometime in 2006 I got tired of writing all that html, and started up this place. We have gone through a renovation here too. Blogger is so freakin' awesome, that the internets became aware of my webpage. Not too many, and not too often, but often enough. Often enough that Not the Momma was concerned for his job, and well, we all know what happenes when people can't keep their mouth shut about their job. Being as he was the one with the job and the paycheck and the benefits, I obliged him and changed my url, and removed all mentions of his and Little Monster's names. Wait, I'm getting off track.

I love my blogger, I really do. You see, it made updating SO EASY that I can just log in, type up something quick, and click "publish." No longer do I have to make sure that the body and tables are set up right (oh lord the tables. The nested tables. I'm having nightmares) or that the links are working. I can just type. And I can add the html whenever I want to get all geeky again.

It has meant that I have been able to focus more on the content. I can't claim that it's always been brilliant great good readable, but at least it isn't the boring stuff I was writing about before, right? Huh? Right? Yeah! All of this 'focus on the content' has created something within me... and here's where I get to my point.

Now, I wake up in the morning, and start thinking about what blog worthy events are going to happen. I go through my day, doing dishes, playing with Little Monster, thinking about what how I could make that into a fun blog entry. I go to bed at night, thinking of all of the blog entries that I should have written, and all of the ones I should start. I'm like JD on Scrubs, only, hopefully not quite as crazy.

Please tell me I'm not crazy.

I'm not, right? Right?

P.S. --Not the Momma, you'll NEVER find the M&Ms. muhahahahahahaha

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Ashlee said...

You're not the only one constantly thinking about what to blog next. My hubby just shakes his head at me. I go to bed at night thinking about what I'm going to blog the next morning.

What can you do? :0)