Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Death & Taxes...

Tonight I nearly died. 4 times. At least.

The first time was when I saw our return. Apparently, tax free pay for the military is a good thing, twice. He didn't have to pay taxes, so we were in a much different tax bracket this year.

The second time was when I saw the bill. THE BILL. I'm pretty certain that the large company that Ken Jennings doesn't know about looks at your return, and calculates the amount of money to charge based on how much you're getting back. Or they charge you $50 for every page that comes out of the printer.

The third time was when I realized HOW LONG it took to figure out the taxes using their automated computer program.

The fourth time -- when my credit card was declined. Repeatedly. I ended up calling the company. Turns out our credit card company to combat identity theft requires that either 1) Credit Cards be swiped, or 2) They enter the three digit code from the back. Our Large National Tax Prep Service's swiper was broken (though I'm sure they can afford to buy a new one after the amount we spent there).

Yes, we could have bought a box tax prep software. BUT, our taxes are complicated. Multiple states, I'm an independant contractor for a company that is in another state. I would be too stressed that we'd be audited if we did our own taxes. Next year, I might take a trip to Nebraska and visit family while I get our taxes done at a firm there. It might save us a few bucks.

After all of that damage I still feel like throwing up, just a little bit. But, in a few weeks, it won't matter. We'll have our return, and all will be right with the world.

Oh, and if you want $15 off your tax return at the big green national Tax Prep company, (well, a 15 rebate) Let me know.. I have a coupon code for up to 6 friends. Leave a comment with your email and I'll send you the code and information.

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Ashlee said...

We are waiting impatiently to hear back from our tax preparer to find out what we're dealing with for this year. Our's are complicated too, so there's no way we could do it on our own. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we fare well in the end. :0) Wish me luck!