Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Not quite a list, not quite a post.

I have been having a creative slump the past few days. Right before I fall asleep at night, I always have a great blog idea. But I'm SO not getting out of my warm bed when I'm drowsy to write a blog. I love you internets (ask Not the Momma, He knows I'm cheating on him with you), but not that much. The only things I love enough to get out of a warm bed for are my husband and my kid. So, sorry.

I even had a list all thought up, since March is a list theme at NaBloPoMo. The list however, is gone. Swept from my brain while enduring the stress of tax preparation.

Not the Momma is very appreciative of the comments supporting his protest of what I have given up for Lent. Especially the comment from Deb suggesting I give up clothing for Lent next year. Perhaps I will. I will give up wearing clothes while I'm in the shower.

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jennifer said...

I had to dig a bit to find out what you gave up for Lent and OMG no you DINT! OH your poor hubby. It's luckily almost over!