Monday, March 10, 2008

National What?

National Napping Day.

After the day I've had. I'm on board. Why is it that I manage to schedule AM Dr. appointments for the first Monday after a time change? We made it there okay, on time, but thank heavens I didn't stop for that cup of coffee I so desperately wanted.

When we got home, a neighbor called and wanted to take a walk. Fine, we went. It was about a 3-4 mile walk (maybe?). About 3/4 of the way there her tire on the front of her stroller started to come off. I set the brakes on Little Monster's stroller and set about helping her, because with two kids, the stroller can be heavy. As we were finishing up we heard lots of honking and someone yelling "HEY HEY".. I looked up. And my baby. My stroller. It was gone. No, no one stole my baby. But, the brakes didn't set, so the stroller went barreling down the hill and toppled over leaving my poor Little Monster with a bruise from his eye to the middle of his cheek. And leaving me feeling pretty badly as well. I already hated that stroller. Now I'm thinking of running it over with my car.

Now my head hurts, the Little Monster is napping. (I was told today he's not a baby, so I guess I shouldn't call him that anymore? SADNESS!) I think I am going to follow suit. After all, it is National Napping day.

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Ashlee said...

I am so sorry! What a crappy Monday! Hope your Tuesday is better!