Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What a BORING day!

PRAISE GOD! I finally am able to enjoy a boring day.

In the past two weeks, I've endured never ending bicycle rides, earthquake anxiety, more earthquake anxiety, trying to kill my child, and escape artist dogs. This all after my week of Mondays.

I am so grateful to have a day that started off with a shower, and has been full of chores and work. I am grateful that no dogs escaped, no children were harmed, and nothing crazy has happened.

Today, Little Monster figured out how to put on his own shoes. *sigh* They were crocs, so it wasn't like he's tying shoes, but this whole idea of him growing and learning to do things on his own, it's sad in a way. It's like one moment I was trying to figure out if he was really mine, if I actually baked that baby, and now he's turning into a little boy. Tomorrow, I just know he's going to figure out how to start up that car and drive to Burger King to get him some chicky nuggets when he doesn't like the lunch I set out. And right after that, he's going to be packing up and moving out of the house.

Maybe those weeks full of Mondays and days full of crazy stuff, that's not so bad. Then I don't think about all this sappy stuff.

And now for the continuation of my boring day: I'm going to work on laundry. Matching socks, no less.


Anonymous said...

Oh ... growing up. I so relate to the sadness. I must have made a side comment somewhere along the way, because my little one has gotten very upset - tears and all - on a few occasions, saying, "You don't want me to grow up! You said you want me to stay little forever! I don't WANT to stay little forever!"

Anns said...

Glad to know I"m not the only one that marvels about whether this thing cooking inside of me is really mine.

Enjoy him while he still can't answer back!

Ashlee said...

My son has resigned to the fact that he will always be my baby. He's 8. He's tired of arguing with me over it. :0) They do get big so fast...I hate it. But, it's fun all the same. Just a different kind of fun. :0)

Vanessa said...

Amen sister! I find myself thinking about that a lot these past few weeks, becasue lets face it, he's going to be one. And I'm not ready for that. :( But, tomorrow it will be so, and all of the wishing in the world won't make the birthday go away, not that I really want it to. Because I'm sure my mom felt the same way once (many times), and if she hadn't let me grow up, I wouldn't have my baby now. It's just hard to watch them gain thier independence, and not need mommy all the time anymore.