Friday, March 14, 2008

Oh Crap.

Not the Momma is watching History TV. Did you know that Thomas Crapper is a real person? Thomas Crapper is the Henry Ford of toilets. He was the first person to mass produce them, and in WWI, the soldiers found them everywhere and coined the phrase "going to the crapper." So, to all of you who say Crap is a bad word, I'm totally paying homage to the guy who lets me do my bid'ness without going outside in the cold cold of winter and the wet wet of spring. The guy who made it possible for me to go pee without ACTUALLY waking up. And, that my friends is really important... Ask anyone who is pregnant!

And now I'm learning "Everything I always wanted to know about toilet paper but am too afraid to ask."

Fast fact: wanna know why all those cartoon moats are brown and nasty? People dumped their crap in them to keep invaders from crossing them. YUMMY!

Proof my friends, that all discussions will eventally turn to CRAP.

My new best friend: Thomas Crapper.

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